Alpacka Raft Packtach System

Manufacturer's Description

The Backpack Attachment System, or "Packtach" as we call it, is a simple, light, and effective way to secure a backpack or similar object to the front of your Alpacka.


  • Center-Pull Quick Release.  The Packtach uses a special, highly secure buckle originally designed as a quick-release for soldier rucksacks.  It's durable, doesn't release accidentally or under hard cinching, and can be quickly released even when heavily loaded, so long as there is there's some tension applied to pull it apart.

  • Tie-On Attachment.  We chose a simple tie-on attachment method for the Packtach.  Knot it to your boat's front grab loops, according to the diagram above.  We find this method simple, versatile, and tough.

  • High-Visibility Cord.  We construct the Packtach using glo-cord for enhanced visibility, allowing you to more easily identify it's main lines at night, with poor illumination.

  • Flat Lay.  When not in use, a well-rigged Packtach can be made to lie flat on the bow of your boat, presenting the least possible entanglement hazards.  Nonetheless, when running brushy creeks with high entanglement hazards, you may wish to "strip" your boat of anything that could snag.

Alpacka Raft Packtach System


The Alpacka Raft Packtach System is not available from the stores we monitor.

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