Bending Branches Sun Shadow Crank Eve

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Bending Branches Sun Shadow Wood Kayak Paddle - Enjoy the warm comforting feel of a wood kayak paddle. This wood crankshaft is completely unique in paddlesports. Engineered to ergonomically align the wrists during the power stroke, this shaft allows you to paddle for hours with more comfort and less fatigue. These agriculturally-grown hardwoods are hand-crafted with precision into beautiful, lightweight and durable paddles. This exotic beauty features cherry, basswood, butternut and black willow in a unique striped shaft and dappled pattern. The three-position composite ferrule is adjustable for either left or right hand control, or unfeathered. The heavy-duty drip rings keep water out of your lap, and the Rockgard edge adds great durability to the tips. Sizing: A 230cm paddle is the most popular length for paddlers who use a relaxed style of paddling and whose strokes are at a low angle in relation to the surface of the water. - Outdoorplay

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