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Double Vision Tandem

rated 5 of 5 stars After paddling the boat for 3 years I can say that the boat is well made and it is very sable in extremely rough conditions. The seats are really comfortable and even though my wife has arthritis and I deal with lower back pain, we can spend several hours out on the water without much trouble. We used to have two single kayaks, but we both paddle at different rates so someone was always waiting for the other person to catch up. With a tandem, you never have to wait for someone to catch up. If someone… Full review

Double Vision Tandem

rated 5 of 5 stars Having only used rental tandems in the past my wife and I decided to try one of our own. We also own two single boats, Swift Saranac Classics.  The first thing we noticed was the stability of the CD D Vision, just great. The rudder works well and can be lifted for shallow water cruising. I could actually stand in this boat to get out, not an easy trick for a 62 year old. Boat is not fast, but we don't care. Rudder works great and keeps the boat straight in rough water or helps turn in tight areas. Full review

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