Current Designs Solstice GTS


Length 17 feet 7 inches  (535.94 cm)
Width 22 inches (55.88 cm)
Weight 48-52 pounds (21.6-23.4 kg), depending on materials
Max load 400 pounds

Manufacturer's Description

The Solstice GTS is for the paddler who wants a North American style kayak in a highly efficient package.

Re-designed for 2010, we added foot room, improved the hull shape, and upgraded the deck fittings with a new hatch buckle system. Along with the new hidden rudder lines the GTS is one snazzy looking boat.

The cockpit has also been widened slightly to a keyhole shape to make it easier to enter and exit while still staying true to its sporty fit. Great for water big and small, and trips long and short anywhere on the planet.

The Solstice GTS has excellent acceleration, is highly efficient and can hold plenty of gear in its ample storage hatches.

Standard equipment:

  • Glassed-in bulkheads

  • Current Designs Rudder

  • Sea-Dog foot brace/rudder control

Retailers' Descriptions

Here's what other sites are saying:

This classic kayak design has outstanding acceleration, glide, and tracking so you can cover some serious distance in a hurry. Generous storage hatches provide ample room for longer excursions.