eSoles eFit Dynamic


Size Range men’s: 5-15.5 women’s: 5-16
Weight men’s size 10: 3.8 ounces women’s size 9: 3.5 ounces
Men’s size 10 -- 97 mm wide, 287 mm long
Women’s size 9 -- 93 mm wide, 267 mm long

Manufacturer's Description

eFit® Custom Modular Footbeds by eSoles® combine three components -- Advanced Design Insole, Interchangeable arch system, and Metatarsal pads -- each with specific size and shape variations to provide a custom fit.

The eFit DYNAMIC model is designed specifically for activities featuring the need for lateral stability.

The dynamic arch component is covered by a specific EVA foam to provide comfort and control.

Typical activities that utilize the DYNAMIC model are:
Cross Training