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Recent Hiking Boot Reviews

Asolo Men's Shiraz GV Boot

rated 5 of 5 stars Awesome boot for getting off the beaten path. Aggressive sole design and moderately stiff lasting board will keep you climbing all day. Would recommend for steep and rocky settings with moderate to light pack loads. Purchased the boot around March 2016, after deciding to replace my old pair of Asolos that treated me so well.  Here are some things you may notice right away when they show up at your door- Fairly rigid shank and tough rubber construction of the sole and toe give the boot a really… Full review

Vasque Men's Snowblime UltraDry

rated 5 of 5 stars Warm, comfortable right out of the box, waterproof. I had exactly one day to break in a brand new pair of these boots before a 12-mile round trip with a heavy pack into the back country in the Adirondacks this last weekend in February, followed by some peakbagging in heavy snow with a daypack. I was concerned about blisters so I brought a ton of Moleskin, but never used it. Some very slight rubbing around the top of the boot, but I just left the top hooks undone and that took care of that. I could… Full review

Bearpaw Superior

rated 3 of 5 stars Good for casual use. Would not recommend for daily labor use. Comfortable and inexpensive. Bought them at Big 5. My husband wears then to work at Home Depot. However, within 6 months the fabric ripped right through and we had to duct tape it till he can get different boots. Full review

Scarpa Men's ZG 65 XCR

rated 2 of 5 stars Disappointing, poor design/construction quality. I bought these in 2012 to do the Overland Track in Tasmania, Australia, but after using them on only two hikes I found they leaked in shallow water. Not a good omen for the notoriously wet and muddy Overland Track so I bought another brand of boots (Aku) for that walk. The boots did not need breaking in, but I found the innersoles too thin (not an uncommon problem) and replaced them with thicker aftermarket soles.  Now I have done over 1000 km,… Full review

Pivetta D.M.C. V

rated 5 of 5 stars I let my boots escape, alas. Here's the story of how they ended up getting imported to start with: http://www.outinunder.com/content/eating-your-boots-george-rudolf-dmc-and-pivetta-boots Also had some Fabiano Mountain Masters for scree hopping. I'm afraid the old boots weighed almost as much as my tent and bag now weigh. Wish I hadn't let them get away so I could verify. Full review

Pivetta D.M.C. V

rated 5 of 5 stars My Pivettas, bought in '76-77 in a Denver store. I've still got 'em and still wearing 'em. I've bought several other top of the line hiking boots in the last 40 years but always come back to the Pivettas. These Pivettas have done it all, from hiking to logging. Feet remained dry through snow and streams. I've worn them to work in plant labs on icy days when others couldn't walk in the parking lot! These were and are the best boots I've ever owned. I've worn out all of my earliest hiking equipment,… Full review

Merrell Men's All Out Blaze Ventilator Mid Waterproof

rated 4 of 5 stars This boot is extremely comfortable, lightweight, and waterproof. Soles wear pretty fast on concrete. I order shoes only after extensively reviewing them online if my local outfitter doesn't carry them. With these, there aren't too many reviews to accurately rate them. That said, I ordered them anyways. They felt like slippers when I tried them on. I had to fidget with lacing because there was a pinch point on top of my foot. In my experience, looser was better. I immediately took them on a six-mile… Full review

Hi-Tec Men's Altitude IV WP

rated 5 of 5 stars These boots are great for hiking. Recommend them. Very comfortable all round boots. Fit well, never had any blisters. Walked 3-7KM in them no probs. Grip well, keep feet dry, good hard soles keep feet snug and warm. Only downside is that they are very heavy.  Full review

AKU Alpina Plus GTX

rated 0.5 of 5 stars Low quality and bad customer service. Beware the average quality of Aku. I had some boots which looked good and were performing okay, but suddenly the plastic/rubber midsole went all brittle and now they are unwearable. I discussed this case with Aku directly, but they said it was out of warranty so nothing they could do, which I thought was very poor customer service. Allan Full review

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