Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 600 2-Season

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Weight 2 lb 8 oz / 1.13 kg
Temp Rating 37°F (EN Comfort) / 27°F (Limit)



The reinvention of the sleeping bag is upon us! If…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
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The reinvention of the sleeping bag is upon us! If you hate stuck zippers, if you hate suffocating into the side of your hood, and if you hate rolling off your pad, then you love the Backcountry Bed!!

This bag is for folks who have been overall discouraged by sleeping bag use and wish they had the bed roll of old!


  • More bed, less bag
  • Roomy
  • No zipper
  • Great for side sleepers and hot sleepers
  • DriDown!!


  • Not great in a hammock
  • Pad can slip out from under feet

The comfort rating for this pad is 27-37 degrees F

Fits user up to six feet

Trail weight is 2lb 8oz

Sleeping pad size is 20"

Fill = 600 Fill Duck Dridown

I used this bag in an ENO DoubleNest hammock with a Klymit X Frame pad in Maine.  I was was teaching primitive and survival skills via canoe on Lake Mooselookmeguntic.


The bag was plenty warm even though we had some very cool, damp nights, definitely mid 50s or cooler. While the entrance to this bag is more like a fixed quilt than the standard side entry zipper, making thermoregulation easier to attain and control, getting into and out of the bag while in a hammock was less than desirable.  

One is forced to enter the hammock from way above the head, slide feet first past the sewn comforter, and then slide to the foot of the bag while centering one's self in the hammock. However, everything that makes this bag less than ideal for hammock use, makes it absolutely wonderful for bivy and tent use!


DriDown is no joke. It is not a gimmick. The idea of waterproofing/resisting down really works! I have been using DownTek and DriDown in various bags and layers since their conception. This is an exceptional Dridown piece.

The air in my camp, lakeside, Toothaker Island, was extremely humid in the early mornings. (I could probably have had my fly a little lower to catch the dew, but alas, I did not. This means the dew was all over my bag every morning.) I never laid the  bag in the sun to dry. I figured proper testing would require thorough testing of the DriDown's ability to get moist, and then dry without the sun's help.

It dried alright!  In the North Country of New Hampshire, all of New England for that matter, and of course 44 degrees North Latitude and up the world over, most items that get wet, stay wet. If it is storming up here, it stays storming or at least threatening, for the extent of most adventures it seems. In the North Country DriDown and DownTek are imperative!

The bag offered good loft. Being a summer/2 season bag, I expected very little, but appreciated what I got. The bag was very packable.  It lived in a 20 liter dry compression sack with my Klymit pad, all my clothes, and a towel with plenty of room to spare.


The sleeping pad integrates with the bag via a pocket, or short sleeve, coming from the head down to about the mid back.  There is no pad sleeve for the feet. I wiggle and turn quite often during my slumber, some way to fix the pad to the feet would have been appreciated. However, the bag is designed for maximum versatility for every kind of sleeper, in a tent, the lack of pad fixture to the feet would actually be appreciated.

During a three-night pack in, base camp, and paddle out, the bag seemed plenty durable. I loved that the inside is so silky, yet pine needles didn't stick to it as they would a sleeping bag liner (my sleep system during this trip last year).

There is also a nifty foot vent at the bottom.  If one pulls their feet up and then down a sort of channel between the inner insulation and the outer, it is very easy to vent the feet as one may choose to do by zipping a traditional sleeping bag's zipper up from the bottom. As I got chilled upon leaving the communal fire, but then warmed back up in the Backcountry Bed, the option for venting was highly appreciated.


I will buy one of these bags for trips when I am using a tent or hiking from shelter to shelter. I do not know how I would feel about it for three seasons, but as a summer bag, I love it!!  I will have to try the three season Backcountry Bed next.


I like the concept of the backcountry bed, but as a hammock hanger I figured, it would be too much work to get in and out of. Thanks for the great review confirming that for me!

19 days ago

This bag is the perfect combination between a sleeping…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $199


This bag is the perfect combination between a sleeping bag and a backpacking quilt. It allows you to sleep on your back, side, or stomach with ease. If you are a hot sleeper you can simply pull the attached top quilt away from your body allowing your top half to be exposed while your lower extremities are inside the bag.

The Dridown fill makes worrying about the elements a no nevermind and its construction seems to be durable and will last me for years to come.


  • Adaptability to numerous sleeping styles
  • Weight
  • Filler material
  • Cost
  • Sleeping pad sleeve integrated


  • None

I took this out for an overnighter in the Appalachian Mountains this past summer. The temperature dropped to sub 40˚ F and this bag did not fail to perform. My wife woke me up in the middle of the night shivering cold, so I told her to get in my bag and I would take hers, which was rated around 45˚ F. Within a few minutes she was snoring so loud I was unable to sleep.

I will look into purchasing another of these bags for my wife as she explained to me in the morning that this was one of the best night’s sleep she has had in the backcountry. I told her "Yeah, my sleep was pretty good too until someone stole my sleeping bag."

The bag stuffed right into the bottom of my pack with no issues and within 5 minutes we were packed up and ready to roll out. Sierra Designs hit the nail on the head with this design and I will definitely be getting one of these for my wife.


You are a good man for sharing that bag with your wife.

1 month ago

Manufacturer's Description refers to the men's version

Sleep in the wild like you do at home, with a comforter. With an oversized, integrated comforter sealing the opening, you can sleep comfortably and naturally on your back, side, or stomach.

Visit Sierra Designs's Men's Backcountry Bed 600 2-Season page.

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Introducing the most versatile and intuitive sleeping bag design on the market: the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 600F 2 Season Sleeping Bag. Free of extraneous hardware, the versatile oversized comforter is free to be tucked into or pulled out of the bag opening to be tucked into or pulled out of the bag opening - adapting to any of the sleeping positions you're used to at home - back, stomach or side. Adjusting to variable temperatures throughout the nigh is equally intuitive. Tuck the sides of the comforter snugly around and beneath you when the temperature drops, or pull out and tuck back the comforter during warmer nights. It's the ultimate in flexibility and comfort. Designed to eliminate the headaches of the traditional mummy-style sleeping bag, the Backcountry Bed performs more like your bed at home to provide you with the best night's sleep you've ever had at camp.

- refers to the men's version

The Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 600 2-Season Sleeping Bag has an integrated comforter and no zippers for a unique outdoor sleeping experience through spring and summer.

- REI refers to the men's version

Sierra Designs took a drastically different approach to designing the Backcountry Bed 600 Sleeping Bag so you can sleep in the wilderness and feel more like you're in your own bed at home. Free from extraneous hardware like bulky zippers and drawcords, this intuitive bag features an oval-shaped opening with an integrated comforter that helps it adapt to variable temperatures. You can tuck the comforter's sides snugly beneath you and stay warm in temps as low as 30 F, or you can pull the comforter out for the warmer nights. Its unique mummy design allows you to sleep on your stomach or side as well as your back, which is excellent because most mummy bags only let you sleep comfortably on your back. Sierra Designs stuffed this bag with 600-fill duck down insulation that was treated with DriDown to give it water-resistant qualities so you can stay warm even if moisture seeps through your tent. Sierra Designs built the Backcountry Bed's shell out of ripstop for durability and the liner out of taffeta for your comfort. This bag also features insulated pockets for your arms so you never wake up in the middle of the night because your hand slipped out of the bag and is slowly chilling. There's also an integrated sleeve for your sleeping pad so you never roll off of it during the night and wake up on the rocky ground. This sleeping bag is light enough for backpacking and warm enough for chilly nights.

- refers to the men's version

Free Shipping. Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 600 2-Season Sleeping Bag FEATURES of the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 600 2-Season Sleeping Bag Wraps naturally to your preferred sleeping position allowing easy adjustment to varying temperatures Insulated hand/arm pockets provide insulation under arms when comforter is used outside of the bag Sleeping pad sleeve secures the sleeping pad to create the experience of a fully integrated bed Zipperless design Opening is smaller than bag width so when you push out, the walls push in to seal out drafts SPECIFICATIONS of the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 600 2-Season Sleeping Bag FILL: 600 Fill Duck DriDown SHELL: 30D Polyester Ripstop LINER: 30D Polyester Taffeta SPECS for Regular TRAIL WEIGHT: 2lb 7oz FITS UP TO: 6'0in. FILL WEIGHT: 15.5oz STUFF SIZE (WxL): 7.5in. x 15in. SPECS for Long TRAIL WEIGHT: 2lb 11oz FITS UP TO: 6'6in. FILL WEIGHT: 17.2oz STUFF SIZE (WxL): 7.5in. x 15in.

- Moosejaw refers to the men's version