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Recent Sunglass Accessory Reviews

Croakies Suiters

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Croakies Suiters take the hassle out of having glasses in the backcountry! No more misplacing, fumbling with, or dropping your glasses! I recommend this product to... well, everyone! Seriously! Now here is another one of those products that you don't think is necessary... until you start using it. I've seen people using these, or similar products, for many years. I never gave them a second thought. I considered them... unnecessary! Well now that I have them, I can't go in the backcountry without… Full review

Chums No Tail Standard Retainer

rated 5 of 5 stars Do the job with no tail on your neck! While I like putting sunglasses on my hat, I also don't mind them hanging around my neck in certain situations so I got this Chums retainer. It is made of soft cotton so it feels good. The holes fits most sunglasses so they should fit yours. Finally, there is no "tail" so you aren't constantly aware that they are on your glasses/neck. A soft, quality product! Full review

Top-Rated Sunglass Accessories

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Coghlan's Eyeglass Repair Kit
Suncloud Microfiber Pouch Sunglass Case
Croakies Terra Spec Cord Sunglass Retainer
Croakies Micro Suiters Sunglass Retainer
user rating: 4.5 of 5 (1)
Croakies Suiters Sunglass Retainer
Croakies Original
Chums Sunglasses Retainers Sunglass Retainer
$7 - $8
EK Cat Crap Lens Cleaner Anti-Fog
$7 - $168
Croakies Suiters XL Sunglass Retainer
Croakies XL Sunglass Retainer
Croakies Terra Cord MAX Sunglass Retainer
Pepper's Sport Case Sunglass Case
Suncloud Active Zip Case Sunglass Case
Suncloud Explorer Zip Case Sunglass Case
EK Floating Eyeglass Retainer
Chums Shade Shell Case Sunglass Case
$10 - $13
Croakies ARC System Sunglass Retainer
Granite Gear Sunglass Case Sunglass Case
$18 MSRP
Native Eyewear Bomber Lens Kit Sunglass Lens
Native Eyewear Hardtop XP Lens Kit Sunglass Lens
Native Eyewear Cable Lens Kit Sunglass Lens
Native Eyewear Silencer Lens Kit Sunglass Lens
Native Eyewear Dash SS Lens Sunglass Lens
Native Eyewear Hardtop Lens Kit Sunglass Lens
Native Eyewear Throttle Lens Kit Sunglass Lens
Native Eyewear Dash XP Lens Kit Sunglass Lens
Native Eyewear Nano2 Lens Kit Sunglass Lens
Eagle Creek Eyewear Case Sunglass Case
Native Eyewear Ambush Lens Kit Sunglass Lens
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Chums No Tail Standard Retainer Sunglass Retainer
Chums Universal Fit 5mm Sunglass Retainer
Chums Original Cotton Retainer Sunglass Retainer
EK Micro 3-Way Sunglass Retainer
Chums Halfpipe Sunglass Retainer
Hides H2O Sunglass Retainer
Hides Classic Sunglass Retainer
Croakies Endless Cord Tite End Sunglass Retainer

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