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Humans to Become Majority Urban Species

Hike, Get Dirty, Give Back: Volunteer Vacations

Happy 7th Birthday, Trailspace

Parking Garage: Beyond the Limit

Scared Indoors: Does the Media Affect Outdoor Interest?

Summit for Someone and Climb for Kids in 2008

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Trailspace News

Out of the Wilderness

The decreasing numbers of people getting outdoors is a topic of interest both here at Trailspace and farther afield. Less people in the backcountry can sound like a good thing for those of us seeking its solitude. But, the trend is disconcerting »

Paradox Sports: Pushing Forward

It's not what you can no longer do. It's what you can do now.

I was pondering this sentiment recently, seven months pregnant, unable to ice climb with my husband, downhill ski with my son, or bag winter Presidential peaks. I admit, I was feeling a touch sorry for myself. Then I saw the press release for "Gimps On Ice" and got over myself »

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Paradox Sports Develops Prosthetic Climbing Foot

Sierra Designs Earns Sprout Award for Green Effect Program

La Sportiva Solution Wins BIG

Primus Grows 100% Fuel Efficiency Program

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CiloGear 40L WorkSack internal frame backpack

Mion Tide Scramble water shoe

La Sportiva Tibet GTX backpacking boot

Outdoor Research LightHaven shelter

Wild Things Epic Halfzip Windshirt

Primus EtaExpress canister stove

NEMO Moki four-season tent

photo: Primus EtaExpress
Primus EtaExpress


photo: NEMO Moki


photo: Kelty FC 3.0
Kelty FC 3.0

Scarpa SL M3 backpacking boot

Kelty FC 3.0 child carrier

Halti TEGE Jacket

MSR Reactor canister stove

MSR Hubba Hubba three-season tent

GSI Lexan Piranha Foon utensil

Sherpani Rumba child carrier

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