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Full Name: Crystal Thomas
35-year-old female hiker
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Re: Planning June AT section-hike November 15, 2013
Planning June AT section-hike November 13, 2013


I have 4 kids (1 of which is mine by blood and the others are my boyfriend's kids). I hike mainly in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park area but have extended to parts of GA and NC; done several hikes in Natahala National Forest and Cherokee National Forest; mainly hikes leading to waterfalls but I am looking to expand my horizons. I have had an obsession with the AT for about 9 years now and just recently for my birthday my boyfriend took me to see the Southern Terminus on Springer Mountain and the falls at Amicalola State Park. I have always wanted to go there and never really had the opportunity. I have been in love with hiking since my first hike to Ramsey Cascades here in our national park back in 2003. I have backpacked 3.6 miles of the AT itself (again, I haven't had very much opportunity to do so much of it like I have wanted), 22.1 miles near Abrams Creek Trail and loop, and 28.3 mile loop around Jakes Creek area..which was awful terrain might I add. My favorite area is near Midnight Hole around the Big Creek area. I enjoy camping and hiking there. We are also strongly considering white water rafting there next summer. I have lots of pictures of all these trips as well if there's any question to their legitimacy (I've had run-ins w/ those who don't think a smaller frame person such as myself is capable of doing these things... I find it odd really that people are such closed-minded).


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