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Killer Review

The Killer Review badge indicates that a review is among the best of the best gear reviews on Trailspace.

What makes a review "killer?"

A Killer Review is a gear review that meets high standards for quality, and has received significant positive feedback from the Trailspace community.

To earn the Killer Review badge, a review must:

  • Be a reasonable length. A Killer Review discusses a product’s performance in appropriate detail, but is not filled with extraneous information.
  • Include original pictures and/or video. Readers want to see your gear experience, and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Upload images to your Trailspace account; external images don't count toward Killer status.
  • Include a brief summary. A Killer Review gets to the point with a succinct and meaningful summary.
  • Have both pros and cons. The best reviews acknowledge both a product's strengths and its weaknesses.
  • Receive positive community feedback. No review can be considered "killer" without overwhelmingly positive community feedback, in the form of "helpful" votes.

How can I earn the Killer Review badge?

Make it great. When writing a review (or editing an old review), keep the tips above in mind. Learn more in Write a Killer Gear Review.

Share it. Share your reviews inside and outside the Trailspace community and encourage feedback from others. Sharing buttons for popular social networking sites are located on the left side of every product and review page.

How can I acknowledge another member's great review?

image: rating a helpful review

Rate it. Give good reviews positive feedback by clicking the "Yes" button next to "Was this review helpful?" at the bottom of the review.

Share it. Share the review with others on Trailspace or on your favorite social networking site. Sharing buttons are located on the left side of every product and review page.

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