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GoLite Earns Green Gear and Killer Value Awards

GoLite is pleased to announce that two of its products have received coveted Outside magazine awards in the Outside Buyer’s Guide on newsstands now.

GoLite’s DriMove Sleeveless Top was a recipient of the “Green Gear of the Year” award, thanks to its innovative, environmentally friendly Cocona technology that utilizes activated carbon from recycled coconut shells to provide sun protection and reduce odor.

GoLite’s Gamut Jacket received the “Killer Value” award in the soft shell category for providing complete waterproof protection with stretch and a soft shell feel for only $100 MSRP.

“We are honored to be the recipients of not just one but two awards from Outside Magazine,” said GoLite co-founder and President, Demetri Coupounas. “This represents an enormous accomplishment for our design team and a milestone in our history.”

In addition to winning these two awards, several other GoLite products were highlighted in the Outside Buyer’s Guide, including the men’s Pursuit Pack (dubbed “Overachiever”), the women’s Lite-Speed Pack (named “Most Versatile”) and the GoLite Mesh Cap (recommended for ultrarunning).


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