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Spring Breakers rescue on Appalachian trail..

 I find this intersting like the rescue we had near me..A women from Florida thought hiking 3 miles without proper water and insulation was not warented for her day hike and she got lost and had to be rescued by 2 Fire Departments..

Do people think the AT is that easy?

Broke link...wanted to see it. it gets pretty bad when they can't even go three miles without needing a rescue.

It sounds like they were slightly prepared and at least had the common sense to hunker down in a shelter and wait.

sounds like they didnt have the proper clothing for the conditions or dry spare clothing for camp, not sure if they had any other shelter besides the 2 man tent for the five of them. at least they had sleeping bags.

They definitely could have been better prepared. I wish more people that found themselves in a situation with the weather turning to something they arnt prepared for to just stop and set up shelter and get in to stay dry.

sounds like they weren't prepared for winter hiking. no snowshoes, only a two person tent, no extra dry clothing. just a bunch of nineteen year olds with no supervision...

October 31, 2020
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