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Leavenworth Rockfest

Its tomorrow so, kinda late notice.  I'll give a report after I go

Wow, I wish I could go... I'll be out your way in late July, I'm leading a 5 day trip to the Enchantments! That being said, what might be the best local resource to keep an eye on snow levels?

Sean: Snow this weekend in the Enchantments (mt tent door faced them) was at the 3k foot level on N facing slopes and 500-ish feet higher on N facing slopes. 

Shoot me a PM when you are about to head out this way and I'll get you the Beta. is also a great place to talk to North Central WA locals. 

Leavenworth has always been an interesting place to visit any time of year. It is a wonderful place to use as a jumping off spot to the backcountry. I have never done any pull ups there.

ppine said:

 I have never done any pull ups there.

 now that's funny!

October 23, 2020
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