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Shock Cord replacement open-end poles -- How To?


I have aluminum poles that are open at both ends.

Shock cord is worn.

Any insight into how the cord is rigged inside each end pole?

I don't want to slice the cord without knowing how to replace.

Thanks for any thoughts.


Welcome to Trailspace,

To help you it would be best to know the tent you are working with and the specific poles you have.  Very often the manufacture and model of pole is printed on the side of each pole.  If you do not have any info then pictures are often a aid.

To expedite this process you might just check with

Thanks for looking at ways to keep older gear serving it's intended purpose.

..Or just remove the shock cords and call it shedding unnecessary weight, saving money, etc.  Shock cords are a convenience, not need for the poles to perform their purpose.


Thanks for the replies.

It's a kelty mantra 7 tent with 16mm dac da17 aluminum poles. 

The poles are long and push through sleeves, so they'd be a nightmare without any cords in them.

I could see making do without shockcords on a small backcountry tent.

There is usually a ring inside each tube that is smaller in diameter than the tube.  You tie a knot in one end of the shock cord small enough to slide into the tube, big enough to catch in the ring.  (Some companies use a small washer to help the knot.

Feed the unknotted end through the whole assembly.  Pull until the knot is tight against the ring and the whole assembly is tight.  Stretch the cord tightly and tie a knot as close to the end of the tube as you can.  Then let go.  If you've tied the right knots, it will work, and you can cut the tail off.  If it doesn't work, do it again with larger knots.  

And you will learn that it helps to have e plenty of shock cord so you don't have to scrimp and squeeze and pull and swear.  Not that I did that.

Balzaccom, great, thanks for that guidance.

I've got 100 feet of shock cord for about 40 feet of need; so I'm hoping my trial and error isn't more than 2X sloppy!  

I appreciate the help.

My experience with open ended poles, poles without tips to tie the shock cord too, Is they use a scissor type spring. It is a simple single piece of wire that has two legs that are spread out so that the two legs when pulled against the inside of the pole, dig into the inside of the pole and do not let the spring slip with the force of the shock cord pulling against the spring. The center of the spring has a eye in the center that one ties the shock cord to. Often one has to put the shock cord thru the eye, bend it back....... folded over........... and use small wire to wrap around the end of the cord to the longer piece of cord.....securing the cored to the spring.  The reason for this is often a standard knot, when tied, will not fit.....or will jam in thinner dia. poles. 

If this is the system they used. Cut the cord at either end of the pole. Push a thin item thru the pole from the side that you cut the cord from to push the spring out along with the remaining cord. Note how they attached the cord to spring. There will be a spring in each end pole piece. When replacing the shock cord you will need to stretch out the cord and hold it while you work on it so as to have stretch in the cord when the job is done. I use vice grips for that part of the job.

Now, if none of that made any sense to you, they people at are really nice people who will most certainly help you step by step over the phone.

Further investigation reveals to me that there are a quite a few YouTube videos that show step by step how to re string your poles. I cannot watch them as I'm on dialup but I'm sure that they can and will answer all of your questions.

October 16, 2021
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