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Source for repair and improvement bits and bobs

Anyone got a good supplier for bits and bobs for various repairs etc...shock cord is relatively easy to find but specialized clasps and other odds and ends are tougher depending on what you are looking for. Currently I would like to find this:
20200209_135102.jpgNot the chapstick (there for scale) but very small buckle for a strap...this one is from my Inreach but I have other plans for them.

Supposing you're interested in retailers who seem to want to source things responsibly and make good choices, I can personally recommend products from and

I have had some luck finding small fasteners and other MYO doodads at Joann Fabrics. They have metal things like riveted snaps and plastic things like strap buckles and connectors similar to what you posted.

Thanks Pillowthread, I like those resources and will use them in the future.

LS...dont know why I never thought of the local craft store...they are only about 9 miles down the road and right off my regular drive on Mondays.  I'd better set a budget before stopping by...not sure how much weight it would add to have my pack beaded and glittered. 

Just found A great selection along with an amusing owner who does his own videos.

Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics is a good, comprehensive, source.

For some exotic tack and hardware Z-Packs 

Goodwinds caters to kite hobbyists, so a good source for pole stock and ferrules.

Try to patronize your local merchant - shoe and luggage repair shops often have what I am looking for.


Strapworks and Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics are good sources. Others: Dutchwear Gear, Quest Outfitters, and Zpacks.

Thanks gents...great resources. I tried the local repair shop but they don't have plastic buckles. Will keep them in mind for future. 

Just spent lunch perusing some of these suggestions. Not being a hammock guy I had ignored Dutchwear for years...lots of fun stuff to tinker with in their make your own gear section. Thanks! 

Not sure how many you need, but if you don't need that many, those little buckles for a strap are often on the lanyards you get at conferences.  

Yeah, I thought of that as I go to four or so conferences a year. However about 5 years ago I stopped collecting all that crap they try to hand you at the beginning and then you have to carry around. I have a clip for the name tag and usually an app for getting around the conference or I take a photo of the schedule if it's not on line. 

Try these guys:

Search eBay or Amazon for detachable lanyard. You'll have hundreds of options, including the exact match to your Inreach lanyard. If you want something that you can trust to hold more weight and take more abuse search "OP/TECH USA Mini QD Loops". I use these for binoculars and they are very strong.

You might try searching Rockywoods Fabric ( online.  They have a good selection of outdoors equipment hardware, fabrics, etc. 

I find a lot of my bits and pieces at my locally owned fabric store. Someone in comments mentioned JoAnne's, too.

October 1, 2020
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