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Boot laces

In the throwaway world of train and light hiking shoes, I can't recall replacing a pair of laces the past several years. The metal hardware on my old school leather boots, my primary "tires," do a pretty good number on the laces, though. I go through a pair roughly annually. I recently replaced a pair of kevlar laces that lasted well, except that the ends were shredded.

this time, i bought lengths of thin round webbing, cut into lace-sized pieces. they are a little slippery new so I have to double-knot, but I don't know why I didn't think of this before. they should last for years.

thoughts about laces?

The double turn "better bow" should keep your laces from slipping or coming undone.

Thanks - it works!

I replace all my factory laces with 550 paracord. Its super durable, easy on the fingers, and holds a knot wonderfully. I recommend it without question. The only "downside" I have found is that I don't put ends on it, just finish it with a lighter.

November 28, 2020
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