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10 man tent

I am about to start a year job placement working in rural namibia and am going to be living out of a tent for the year.  I am hoping to get as big and sturdy a tent as possible that is reasonably priced.  Being that its a year in length I was hoping to get a big enough tent to make it seem somewhat homey.  I was wondering if anyone had some good tent ideas to compare.

  I really appreciate any feedback.



Welcome to Trailspace Aaron!

If the soils in Namibia are especially clayey--which I think they mostly are--and shade is sparse, it will be difficult to make any tent last a year. UV damage will weaken standard tent fabrics surprisingly quickly, and the very fine soil particles present in clay, once worked into a fabric, can literally abrade it from the inside out. If you can shade the tent at all, with auxiliary tarps or otherwise, at least from the southern aspect, you could probably keep a single tent up for a while. "Reasonably priced," sturdy, big are all likely met by a Gander Mountain Geodesic Dome. They are made well, with durable fabrics and quality poles. The larger expedition-style Geodesic tents from North Face and Mountain Hardwear are in the thousands of dollars; I assume those are out of your budget. Really, I'd just look out for any larger tent with three or more poles crossing in three or more places. These types of tents will likely have the stouter construction you might appreciate.

What would I take? I would, really nicely, ask David over at to make me a 16x16 tipi in 210-denier, urethane-coated nylon. I'd ask him to add a brow vent at the peak, and a flap vent half-way down on the panel opposite the door. I'd ask him to double up the thread. I would happily pay him $800 for such a shelter, knowing I could forget all that stuff I said above about tarps and clay. Then I'd go get a custom pole made for it over at, and call it a day. I didn't mean for that to rhyme...

This is really a backpacking site, so you may want to ask elsewhere.  I would contact some of the guide companies in South Africa, Kenya or Tanzania and see what they use. You can probably find something locally made just for this purpose.

Yes definetely check out Cabela's. They sell hunting style tents that are very sturdy and will hold up to standing in the sun. They are made of canvas in stead of nylon. They have strong frames, woodstoves can be used in them. If you want something large enough to stan d up in and be as comfortable as a cabin, go with Cabela's.


I reckon a large turbo tent is the least expensive option. 


If you want to go with a canvas tent. They are heavy. Like the Cabella's Gary has listed. You could shop on Ebay and purchase a Military GP Small its 17X17 and has a vent for a stove and also Skylight openings. The cost would be around $426.00 You could also purchase a liner for colder conditions...But I would take Tom D suggestion of contacting someone or go to and see of anyone has had to looked for the same advice..

Earthbag a dome. It will be cool in the day and warm at night.

November 24, 2020
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