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Whats you history outdoors or/and why do you go outdoors?

Read my profile and you will know how much I get out!

I have made my life since I was a 12 year old boy in Boy Scouts to be more active in the out of doors than I ever was indoor. Even in school I daydreamed all the time of being outside. I was the one in class who could bring in animal life to school. I was the teachers pet in Art and Science. I had studied frogs,tadpoles,painted,leatherback and Snapping turtles,minnows,crayfish, chubs, birds. I once had a baby Robin in a bird cage in my room at home. I had found it in the yard and knowing that the mother would never take it back I raised it and one day I let it go when it was mature enough.

I should point out that I grew up in the country of upstate NY near Lake Ontario and Sodus NY. I learned to swim in Ontario,a creek and pond near my home. I grew up on a small 4 acre farmstead we raised in the garden and hen house much of what we ate. We rarely went to town for anything beside a Christmas for shopping. I did go to school in town(Sodus) riding the big yellow Bluebird bus to and fro.

But since high school,college and the military I have been hiking, biking and traveling for adventure  6-9 months/30 days at a time every year since 1977 when I was 21. Thirty seven years now. 

Currently I live in a very small village of a town in southwestern Utah. I am surrounded by wilderness where less than 100 years ago Southern Paiute Indians roamed and lived.

My ancestors on my fathers side were 1/2 Indian so I have always felt more at home in the wilds. And have trained myself to live outdoors and learn survival skills in the many climate zones of the USA.

I get bored with work and after saving about $1000 I take off and bike tour and backpack for about 4 months then stop and work again and then move on sometime later again. 

I told my Pap and Mam I was gonna run off and be a Mountain Man...from Jeremiah Johnson clip below at this link

Listen to this poem by Robert Service "The Men that don't fit in:

We used to have a club called the Men Who Don't Fit In. It started with the great-grandparents, farmers that moved to WA state from Kansas in 1889. They lived in little bush towns on the edge of the wild Cascade Mtns. My grandfather taught homesteaders kids 26 miles from town near Mt St Helen's on the Toutle River.

My Dad "spent every weekend in the outdoors for a year" after WW II. My Mom knows more about backpacking than 98 percent of the people out there. My parents were liberal with us as kids and let us go on our own trips by the age of 12 without adults. When we got cars we became road warriors and went everywhere.

Now I live in a place with the best view around, and a view from bed of the Sierra Nevada Mtns. Our backyard is a million acres of BLM land with wild horses on it and eagles in the yard.

I studied forestry in grad school because I love being out there. The outdoors are not just a form of re-creation, but a way of life for generations and a mental health plan. It is who we are.

September 22, 2020
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