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Florida Trail

My mom fell and broke her hip so I'm heading down to Florida to see her (at the end of March).  I'm planning to bring my backpack with me and perhaps hike a section of the Florida Trail.  Specifically, I'm looking at hiking a loop of the trail in the central section, that goes through the Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area.  Maybe a 2 day trek.

I've hiked all through the upper midwest, but never in the south -- and never on the FT.  Should be interesting.

Any advice, insight and tips from those who have hiked the FT would be appreciated.

I've been camping at Tosohatchee a couple times, it is ok.

I can't imagine two days there.

Hiking in Florida is indeed different from other states but it is quite boring. It's mostly flat, lots of ugly brush and the peace and quite is often disturbed by rednecks roaring thru in airboats or trucks.


I actually prefer going to Cumberland Island in Georgia.


Ed G

Clermont, Fl

Thanks, Ed.

Is there a section of the FT you think might be more interesting to hike?


I've found the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway rather interesting.  Way back when,  someone was trying to build a canal from Tampa to Jacksonville and failed.  It became the greenway. You get to hike thru where they dredged, with hills on both sides of you - which is unique to Florida.  You can also spot entrances to caverns if you look for them.


I still suggest Cumberland!

Thank you, again, Ed.  I am going to check that out. 

Since you're hiking, I'm assuming your mom is doing okay. Sorry about her accident.

My dad broke his hip right around the time the movie "Twister" came out on VHS. Without thinking I told a group of friends that I was going to take "Twister" and spend the day with him. They were outraged--thinking I meant the game. :P

She's doing well, G00SE -- thanks for asking.  Finished rehab and is graduating from a walker to cane this week.  She's always been in excellent health, so that is her biggest asset right now.  She loves to walk, too, and is chomping at the bit to resume her daily 3 miles walks.  Not bad for an almost-80-year-old!

I plan to visit for a week and think spending one day/one night out on the trail will be fine. 

I'm not hoping for rain, but one of those good torrential Florida rains will help me test my new Tarptent Double Rainbow  : )

Pig, sorry to say,  your gonna be in Florida a little early for the daily deluge. They start in May.


You will be able to see how bug proof it is!


January 21, 2021
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