Headed to Lake Clark National Park !!!

12:58 p.m. on March 13, 2018 (EDT)
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Hey Everyone!

New to the forum here and my first post!

Yesterday i took the first step to a dream i've had for many years and that's booking my flight to Alaska and more specifically, visiting Dick Proenneke's cabin!  I'm beyond ecstatic!

I will be going the last week of August 2018.  I arrive in Anchorage at 1am on a Saturday morning and plan to get a charter out as early as possible that morning.  My flight back home leaves the following Saturday night at 9pm, so i plan to have the charter pick me up that Friday afternoon so i've basically have a day buffer in case weather doesn't cooperate.

The end goal is to spend time around Dick's cabin.  So i am debating 2 routes.  Either get dropped off at lower twin and spend a day or two casually hiking to Dick's place.  Or option B, get dropped of at Turquois Lake and hike over the mountains to Dick's place.  While i've done a great deal of reading what i can find about the plan B option (mostly on outfitters sites), i haven't found any maps that show the actual route people take.  I know there aren't any trails, but i'd like to be able to visually see the path i would be taking so i can plan the days out and know what elevations/terrain to expect for each.  The last thing i want to do is spend to much wandering the mountains and not get enough time at Dick's place.

Can anyone offer any advice?

FYI, i've sectioned hiked the southern portion of the Appalchain Trail so this won't be my first hike.  I will be solo hiking however.  I do plan to pack heat as well as have bear spray.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone and hopefully someday contributing something beneficial here!

10:05 p.m. on March 13, 2018 (EDT)
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You are heading to a great place. Lake Clark is a great area for fishing and seeing wildlife.  The Alaskan Bush is quite different than the AT, especially solo on your first trip.  When the plane takes off you will have that sinking feeling and then all of that silence.  You will be able to see how remote it is on the flight in at low elevation in a small plane. 

I have read about Dick and his life at Twin Lakes for years.  He was an above average cabin builder and good at taking pictures and using a video camera. That is all that separates him from thousands of other people that have carved out lives in the bush. I don't think he was any kind of folk hero.  I would love to see his place, but would probably stay there for an hour or so.

Use caution, and take the simpler route. You are going to be amazed by Alaska in ways you never realized. 

7:51 a.m. on March 14, 2018 (EDT)
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Thanks for your reply!

I totally understand that there's no comparison between the AT and the Alaskan bush.  I just wanted to make it clear than when i've said i have hiked before that it didn't mean driving down the road to the park and taking a casual stroll with no gear.

I know Dick isn't the first and only one to have done something like this.  However, he's the only one to document it like he has therefor giving me someone/something to admire for a lifestyle i can only dream about.  I own all 3 of his journals, movies, etc.  The reason i want to spend more time around his area aside from my admiration of him, is that through his books and such he basically offers a guide service by talking about his day hikes.  So i planned to use those as a guide for my day hikes.

So i'm still considering both route options at this time.

11:01 a.m. on March 14, 2018 (EDT)
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If you want a life in the bush, there is nothing stopping you. Homesteading is not so easy now. But you can go to work for an outfitter, a musher, or lots of other people that make a living out there.  You just have to willing to work really hard and have a simple life. 

I think it is a mistake to follow others footprints all the time.  The greatest experiences in my life have been the "just heading out" kind.  Just find a piece of country you like, and then go rattle around in it for a month or so. 

February 23, 2020
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