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4d/3n suggestions? SoCal/Sequoia/King's Canyon

I live back east but my 25 year old son lives in LA. We're hoping to do a 4d/3n backpacking trip together later this month but, having not done that out there, are challenged to pick a good route. Any suggestions in the Sequoia/King's Canyon area or elsewhere in SoCal?

Most locales in So Cal will be very hot, perhaps closed due to fire hazard.  Regardless water is always a problem during the hot season, especially if intending to hike four days. 

As for what constitutes a good trip: some prioritize solitude, some what to summit tall peaks, some want to fish, some want to camp in trees by lakes, etc.  There is much already published about these the Sierra NPs you reference, as well as info on the web.  Check it out.  But your biggest challenge will be obtaining permits.  Since this is the high season, most reservation quotas are maxed out, but they usually hold back some spots for walk-up applications.  This consideration may well be the driving influence as to where you end up going.


September 28, 2020
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