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Exped SynMat Hyperlite Duo

photo: Exped SynMat Hyperlite Duo air-filled sleeping pad


Price Current Retail: $279.00
Historic Range: $208.93-$299.00


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My wife and I have owned this mat now for just over two months, and our one-word opinion of this mat went from questionable to incredible.


  • Lightweight
  • Warm
  • Extremely comfortable for two
  • Compact


  • Inflating is a little different
  • Price

We bought this mat in December of 2016, getting ready for a two-year trip where we will be visiting conservation destinations around the world, many of which will be national parks, and in many of which we'll be camping. We've been using two ultralight Thermarests for the last several years, which have been great, and when reviewing every opportunity to cut down on space and weight, we came across this mat.

The concept of the mat made complete sense. Why were we sleeping on two separate pads that seem to act as negatively-attractive magnets, pushing each other apart throughout the night, inviting a stream of cold air to come between us?  The single mat seemed to be an obvious idea that we never thought of. So after a few checks of reviews, all of which seemed to be good, we paid what seemed to be a large amount of money for this Exped Hyperlite Duo mat.

We inflated it once in the house before using it camping to ensure it didn't have leaks. The mat's valves were different than the Thermarests', for which we'd been using a tiny electric pump which really eases the fill process and avoids moisture buildup inside the mat. Unfortunately, the Exped's valves are different and do not fit the pump, so filling was a bit more tricky—trying to use a combination of holding the pump to the hole, and then filling the last bit with our lungs. (This really is not a big deal though, and I feel weird even writing about it). The stress of leaving on a two-year trip probably added to our questioning of whether or not to change our sleeping mat system, but we decided to bring it along.

We've now had the mat for two months, and all I can say is that it has made our sleeping system something to get excited about. Aside from the mat, we have two Sea to Summit sleeping bags that zip together, so the whole setup seems something that one might call glamping. But it's more lightweight and compact than our previous system, so I'll accept whatever names people want to call it.

This mat is incredibly comfortable and warm, and the two-chamber system really works well in preventing noticing when your partner is tossing and turning. The lack of a crack between my wife and me is truly amazing. We can sleep in comfort, knowing that our mats are not going to slide apart, and the added warmth of the zipped bags without the mat separation is something that deserves to be emphasized.  

If you camp with a wife or partner, the double mat is really the way to go. I don't see any reason to go back. The only holdback might be the price, but it's easy to justify when you just think how expensive hotels are compared to a few nice pieces of camping gear.

Source: bought it new


Thanks for the review, Justin! Enjoy your two-year journey with your wife.

3 years ago

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