Wilderness Systems Focus 155

photo: Wilderness Systems Focus 155 touring kayak
Backcountry.com says:
You're the smallest in your family, and you still have to shop in the big-and-tall sections of most stores. Blow your kinfolk out of the water when you arrive for the family reunion with the Wilderness Systems Focus 155 Ruddered Kayak atop your truck. Just be ready for the guaranteed tussle over your new leading lady after they watch you win the annual 'yak race, proscribe tight circles around your younger sibling, and still carry the necessary beverages for the post-paddle bonfire. Oh, what's that, a windy weather report' You and the Focus 155 don't mind, since you'll just drop the rudder and keep on truckin' without missing a stroke. The centered, shallow V on the polyethylene hull softens into rounded chines for unrivaled on-water speed and maneuvering on multiple types of water. A sleek and streamlined keel lets you crank hard when you want an arm-burning workout and navigate through tight channels without increasing your anxiety levels. If blustery winds turn smooth seas into a choppy waves, drop the BTS rudder for laser-like tracking despite the weather. As the biggest member of the Focus family, the 155 cockpit is a full inch longer and wider than on the 145 or 150 to comfortably accommodate the biggest 'yakkers out there or to please paddlers who just prefer a bit more sitting and packing space. The Phase 3 AirPro XP seating gets you a custom-fitted ride--too bad your car seat can't be tricked out like your kayak perch. The hip and thigh pads adjust to fit your needs: keep it easy on the legs when cruising with your cousins around the lake, or dial in the fit when you're racing across the bay for the final beer (of the morning). Storage hatches in the bow and stern buoy the boat with volume so punching across a sassy stream doesn't leave you bailing. These cargo holds also offer a safe place to put your dry bags full of gear if you're heading out on an overnight escapade. On-deck rigging makes it simple to store an extra paddle and pump and keep an extra c..


Price Historic Range: $1,310.93-$1,318.73


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