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Big Agnes Double Z

For a summer-only pad, the Big Agnes Double Z offers big comfort and durability with a relatively light weight. At 4 inches thick, it absorbs bumps and other ground… Full Review »

Hoka Clifton

It only took a few runs and one race to make me a true believer. Try these, your knees, ankles, and back will thank you. I'm an old school runner with a love of… Full Review »

Scarpa Mont Blanc Pro GTX

Solid classic gets several small but innovative upgrades. I found myself on a different continent with sudden opportunities to go up to the Mont Blanc and do some… Full Review »

Barry Farm Cheddar Cheese Powder

Cheddar cheese in powder form with flavor comparable to boxed mac and cheese or cheesy popcorn. Good base for cheesy trail dinners. I would recommend for both making… Full Review »

GSI Halulite Ketalist Cookset

Bulletproof, might be a word that one would think of when using one of these, and if not for a couple of minor details great would be another. So if you really… Full Review »

GCI Outdoors PackSeat

GCI Outdoor's Packseat Portable Stool is a fairly lightweight seat that spares a camper from sitting on the ground, pointy rock, or wobbly log. The Packseat is… Full Review »

Falcon Guides Hiking North Carolina

If you are hiking in North Carolina and want to visit as many trails as possible, than this is the book for you. It covers a lot of the trails available in detail. Full Review »

Teva Men's Churn

Excellent shoe. Excellent shoes, period. Not just water shoes, but everyday walking shoes. In fact I have been wearing almost nothing but these Teva Churns for… Full Review »

NEMO Cosmo Insulated 20R

A comfortable insulated pad that has an integrated foot pump which allows for quick and easy inflation without having to huff and puff or bring along any extra… Full Review »

Innate Mentor Storage Sacs

I used Innate's Mentor Storage Sacs during my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail thru-hike in 2011, and have used them on every backpacking trip since. With their… Full Review »

EMS Men's Thunderhead Jacket

The Thunderhead Jacket is a lightweight, waterproof, and windproof jacket suitable for use in all seasons. The rollaway hood is easily accessible and doesn't fill… Full Review »

Teva Men's Hurricane XLT

An excellent all around, multi-tasking and able to get the job done product. Great in a cinch, or a clinch. Plant this image in your head—it's day one (or maybe… Full Review »

ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2.0

At a little over four pounds, the ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2.0 will scare away all the very weight conscious wimps, but the price, durability, and simplicity… Full Review »

MSR MiniWorks EX

This filter works great and is very easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a simple backwoods water filter. This filter has two parts. Full Review »

Aquamira Water Treatment Drops

No added taste, never inconvenient, very light, and best of all, it doesn't break. I've been using these for years with great success. I've been using the Aquamira… Full Review »

Coleman PerfectFlow Grill Stove

Great 'car camping' stove. Offers the versatility of a burner for a pot of joe plus a grill for cooking a burger. I purchased this stove to replace my old Coleman… Full Review »

MSR DragonFly

This is the bit of kit you use when you cannot afford for anything to go wrong! It is highly reliable and simple to use even when your brain is zonked out from… Full Review »

KA-BAR Becker Companion

A very sound tool for bush craft and camping. You can field dress a dinosaur and baton a Redwood into kindling, but Fugeddabout backpacking with this beast. I'm… Full Review »

MSR Lightning Tail

An ingenious way to increase your snowshoes' carrying capacity or flotation. They're lightweight, easy to carry on or in your pack, and can be attached and removed… Full Review »

Sea to Summit Escapist Ultra-Mesh Bug Tent

A non-free standing shelter by design that works well with a variety of conditions and platforms. It can be pitched with a pair of trekking poles or in between… Full Review »

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