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Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow

A lot of backpackers look at pillows as luxury items and leave them behind because they are too heavy or bulky. The new Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow is definitely… Full Review »

Optimus Sparky

This little igniter works great to light my alcohol stoves. The recommended approach is to dip it in the alcohol, lift about six inches while holding it down, and… Full Review »

Osprey Talon 44

Great transitional bag! I'm 5'11" with a slender build @ 162 lbs. I bought the bag at the beginning of the 2014 spring season with the intent of doing lightweight… Full Review »

GoLite Jam 50L

Solid entry into backpacking with less weight, more miles and more fun. If you're wanting to go lighter but aren't ready to commit lots of money to a specialized… Full Review »

REI Men's Sahara Convertible Pants

Lightweight convertible pants, good range of sizes, held up well in my case. In contrast to Bill H.'s experience, these held up well for me over 25 days on the… Full Review »

Berghaus Expedition Light 80

The Berghaus Expedition Light 80 is a large capacity pack with a lightweight design. It has a surprisingly supportive suspension system which provides comfort in… Full Review »

Columbia Watertight Jacket

This is a solid jacket for wet conditions, but it still has room for improvement. I like the way it compacts into its built in stuff sack and fits a little big… Full Review »


The AquaClip is a clever gadget that I recommend for those using Platypus-style water bottles. While the Ultralightest may cringe at the added 11 grams, this hiker… Full Review »

ExOfficio Men's Dryfly Flex Shirt

When the sun is shining bright, this shirt shines even brighter. With its mesh-lined vertical back vents, UPF 30 and quick-drying and moisture wicking properties,… Full Review »

REI Relax Air Bed

Easy to use, durable, comfortable, just a tad expensive. I bought this for my wife and me while car camping. We have two Big Agnes Q-Core pads that we have been… Full Review »

MPowerd Luci

This small, inflatable, solar powered light is fairly quick to charge and provides hours of light for your campsite or tent. While deflated, it can be strapped… Full Review »

Podsacs Waste Management System L

A dry bag with little features that make it ideal for carrying out both synthetic and human waste from the wilderness. Perfect organizational tool for managing… Full Review »

Black Diamond Raven

How much can you say about an ice axe? This is not the lightest axe or strongest axe, but it's the best general mountaineering axe on the market. It does its job. Full Review »

LuminAID Lantern

A basic, functional solar-powered lantern at an affordable price-point. The simple design allows for a wide-range of uses and abuses. A prime selling point is LuminAID's… Full Review »

Sierra Designs Ridge Runner 15

Excellent value for a quality entry-level, down sleeping bag. This bag has come with me on all of my alpine backpacking trips for the past few years and is no worse… Full Review »

Highgear TrailLite Mini

A good value for a rugged lantern that is in the middle of the pack in terms of built-in features, battery life, and brightness. I would recommend this lantern… Full Review »

MontBell Down Hugger 900 #5

The MontBell Down Hugger 900 #5 38F sleeping bag is a high quality, super comfortable, accurately rated, very compressible, and lightweight option for anyone in… Full Review »

Chaco Men's Z/1 Unaweep

A great option as a versatile sandal. With a sturdy Vibram sole, a great footbed and an easy to use one-strap adjustment system, these can be worn daily for many… Full Review »

Kelty TraiLogic TN2

Lightweight, high quality tent with lots of room. The footprint is impossible to find at the moment so either make your own out of Tyvek, or temporarily use a footprint… Full Review »

MSR PocketRocket

If you're still using your WhisperLite for three-season solo or two-person backpacking, you need to upgrade to a good canister stove. The MSR PocketRocket is the… Full Review »

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