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HammockGear Standard Cuben Fiber Tarp with Doors

Super lightweight. No Stretch. Packs Small. Expensive This is an incredible product for hammocks.  It weighs just over 8 ounces without tie outs and included stuff sack. Full Review »

Morakniv Classic # 1

Inexpensive, Functional. Good blade geometry. Adequate steel. I've heard Moras referred to as "the best knives you've never heard of". In North America that is… Full Review »

Trangia Mini Trangia

Most reliable stove in the woods. A light inexpensive yet durable piece of gear. This is the stove that could. Unless you're in really cold weather, alcohol stoves… Full Review »

Granite Gear Shoulder Strap Pocket

The Granite Gear Shoulder Strap Pocket is a great piece of gear that gives you padded, highly water resistant storage easily within reach at all times. I recommend… Full Review »

Mammut Men's Comfort High GTX Surround

A formidable warm-weather boot that offers full waterproof protection and breathability. These comfortable and lightweight high boots are ideal for hiking in the… Full Review »

Mammut MTR 201 Tech Shirt

The Mammut MTR 201 Tech Shirt is as tech as its name...the following is a self-described Luddite's take on a shirt that only an engineer with Asperger could love. Full Review »

Ibex Men's U-Sixty T

My absolute favorite hiking shirt. About eleven years ago, I became a convert to merino wool shirts for hiking. At the time, I found most synthetic shirts to be… Full Review »

Osprey Exos 58

I took this pack on the Boulder Mail Trail from Escalante, Utah, to Boulder, Utah. Three nights, lots of climbing into and out of slickrock canyons. It performed… Full Review »

Outdoor Research Men's Helium II Jacket

Fantastic lightweight rain jacket, but at the cost of adjustability. I picked up the Helium II as a replacement for my old RedHed rain jacket which finally gave… Full Review »

Hults Bruk Almike

A small, hand-forged hatchet compact enough to pack and capable enough to make efficient work of camp chores. While the Almike has a beautiful, classic design that… Full Review »

Primus Polaris 360

For those familiar with the Black Diamond Orbit and similar products, the Primus Polaris 360 hybrid flashlight/lantern is a simpler, less expensive, and more intuitive… Full Review »

Croakies Suiters

Croakies Suiters take the hassle out of having glasses in the backcountry! No more misplacing, fumbling with, or dropping your glasses! I recommend this product… Full Review »

Granite Gear Hiker Wallet

This great little product may seem unnecessary, but it will grow on you! I recommend the Hiker Wallet to anyone that goes into the backcountry that doesn't want… Full Review »

MSR WhisperLite

So durable I inherited one. Folded up and in hand for scale. My dad passed this stove down to me after many years of service. It looks like it is around 20 years… Full Review »

Superfeet Green

Overall does the trick! I own the Green pair and the Orange pair and preferred both over my experience with a pair of SOLE.  I wear them everyday in running shoes. Full Review »

Mad River Explorer 16

One of the great all around boats, especially for those who lean towards rivers over lakes. I have not had a chance to use this as much as I have the Old Town Tripper… Full Review »

prAna Sutra Pant

Very comfortable for daily use or yoga. I currently own two pairs of PrAna's Sutra Pants. These pants are extremely comfortable, but do come with a few drawbacks. Full Review »

MontBell Men's Plasma 1000 Down Jacket

Extremely lightweight jacket for ultralight backpackers. I should start by saying that the Montbell Plasma 1000 is a new jacket for me. I purchased it a few weeks… Full Review »

Mountain Hardwear Men's Phantom 32°

It's a good bag and well made, yet a bit skinny and hood opening is too small. My Likes Bought the long model of the bag for a cross-country bicycling trip. It… Full Review »

Old Town Tripper 172

Most durable and long lasting canoe I have ever experienced or heard of. The Old Town Tripper after 40+ years of hard use and still going. Durability I grew up… Full Review »

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