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High Country Apps Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildflowers

A well thought-out app that pros and beginners alike can use to identify most of the hundreds of species of wildflowers, trees, and shrubs in the central Rocky… Full Review »

Geigerrig Tactical 1600

This amazing hydration pack has an almost indestructible hydration engine that is easy to clean and room to bring everything you need for any daylong adventure. Full Review »

Arc'teryx Men's Procline Comp Jacket

While marketed as an improvement on the Alpha Comp, this rip-off of Black Diamond's Dawn Patrol LT Hybrid takes inspiration from the original and perfects it. Conditions:… Full Review »

Mountain House Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

On the trail, Mountain House's Spaghetti with Meat Sauce satisfies the palette and fills the stomach (when you eat the whole bag). The taste is pleasant and far… Full Review »

MSR Papa Hubba NX

Quick setup, tons of room, perfect for my son, daughter, and I with room to spare. I have had an Elixir 2p for several years that I soloed with and my son joined… Full Review »

Zpacks Duplex Tent

This tent provides amazing space and livability in an ultralight package. It provides everything tents weighing three times as much do without really sacrificing… Full Review »

MEC Brio 40

I'm on the large side of "average male build", and this pack seems like a youth pack to me... which I suppose is not a failing, but it makes the pack unusable to… Full Review »

Mountain Hardwear Light Wedge 2

Loved this tent, spent a good portion of the last 12 years in it. Twelve years, a few hundred nights, more than a few hundred miles, tons of memories and good times.A… Full Review »

Hennessy Hammock Explorer Ultralight Asym Zip

Comfy centerpiece of a four-season hammock rig. I have had this hammock for about five years now and have spent many (50? 60?) nights in it. The most impressive… Full Review »

Eureka! K-2 XT

Great all around tent, in wind and rain. I've had this tent going on 20 years, mostly used in canoeing. A little heavy for backpacking, but the comforts outweigh… Full Review »

Komperdell Wild Rambler

In a world where trekking poles are either crap and inexpensive or quality and ridiculously overpriced, Komperdell delivers a solid, reliable trekking pole that… Full Review »

Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Mid

Moab Ventilator Mids are very comfortable, relatively wear resistant, provide decent foot support, and traction, and dry out quickly. These traits are somewhat… Full Review »

Camp Trails Ponderosa

Camp Trails Ponderosa is the best pack I have ever used and I have had a more than a handful of other packs to compare with. I chucked away my first one after many… Full Review »

Patagonia Ascensionist 35L

Pretty much my go-to pack for all things NOT requiring the kitchen sink. 35 Liters is just enough for me to go most places overnight as long as I am SUPER weight/bulk… Full Review »

MSR Big Titan Kettle

Nice big pot...but flawed. When I spend $80 on a pot I expect it to do everything perfect. I will say that I am a fan of MSR and have their stainless steel pots… Full Review »

Terra Nova Voyager

Wonderful four-season backpacking tent with many strengths and few weak points. Excellent balance of size, weight, portability, strength, and weatherproofing. While… Full Review »

Deuter ACT Lite 65+10

I grew up with the old aluminum frame shoulder harness packs (virtually no hip support) hiking up and down the Presidential range in New Hampshire's White Mountains. Full Review »

MAC-Gear 40 Degree Down Top Quilt

The Mac Gear Top Quilt provides good fit and warmth. This quilt is handmade in Florida of good quality materials and workmanship. If you have a Warbonnet hammock,… Full Review »

BOS Hammocks Single Camping Hammock

Well-made hammock. Easy to set up and comfortable to sleep in. After using another hammock I bought back in 2014 I decided it was time to upgrade a bit. I found… Full Review »

MAC-Gear 40 Degree Down Under Quilt

The Mac Gear hammock Under Quilt provides good fit and warmth. The Top Quilt and Under Quilts are handmade in Florida of good quality materials and workmanship. Full Review »

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