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Osprey Exos 58

This is a great all-around backpack if you don't overload it. With less than 35lbs of well-chosen gear, it works for both weekend and long haul trips, and you can… Full Review »

Black Diamond Alpine Start Hoody

A nice balance of breathability, wind resistance and precip resistance — more durable than your average windshirt (but heavier too). This isn't your average ultralightweight… Full Review »

Pacerpole 3-Section Alloy

Excellent trekking poles that have helped reduce stress on knees and wrists, encouraged proper posture, better breathing and efficient movement. Pacerpoles have… Full Review »

Swix Star XC 100 Split Mitt

Great for active winter use, these mitts split the difference between gloves and mittens using a 3 and 1 finger. Built to hug the hand without getting in the way… Full Review »

Nite Ize S-Biner MicroLock

A locking mini S-biner that can secure items while providing a quick-release option. Great for adding a tool to your keychain or a lightweight light to a zipper… Full Review »

Mountain Hardwear Men's Hooded Phantom Jacket

Like wearing a cloud of warmth, the Phantom Hooded Jacket keeps you toasty in the coldest temperatures and packs down small enough to bring on every trip. Highly… Full Review »

Five Ten Men's Exum Guide

Great boot that fills the gap between Burly Backpacking Tank and Wispy Barely there Trailrunner. I'm going to get this out of the way first since it's ultimately… Full Review »

Exped Schnozzel

A dual-purpose pack liner that works incredibly well as a fill bag for your sleeping pad. While designed to only work with Exped pads, a simple modification can… Full Review »

Trailspace Innate Motus Top Reviewer Water Bottle

This container is best used by the most experienced of Trailspace’s gear reviewers as a recognition of their multifold achievements in the face of challenging… Full Review »

Mountain Hardwear Women's Kelvinator Hooded Jacket

The Kelvinator is a warm, lightweight, compressible down jacket that has become my go-to in the backcountry this winter! The abundance of snow and persistently… Full Review »

ULA Equipment Ohm 2.0

Lightweight, yet plenty of room for gear. Designed for comfort and durability. Unusual and useful ability to carry water bottles on shoulder straps. Exceptional… Full Review »

NiteCore P12

Light, bright,with a simple user interface, this light carries easily. A variety of accessories increases its versatility. The user interface is straightforward… Full Review »

ECWCS Gen I Parka

A rugged, no-frills hardshell parka that will take whatever you can dish out. They're absolutely and completely waterproof, from several years of firsthand experience. Full Review »

Morakniv Bushcraft Black

This is an excellent knife. I have used mine for so many tasks such as skinning, making bark baskets, carving tent stakes, etc. It's a tough and versatile blade… Full Review »

Brooks Men's Cascadia 9

This may be the most comfortable shoe I've ever owned. Great for training, early morning walks, and light day hiking. My feet are notoriously difficult to fit. Full Review »

Schrade Frontier

This is a high-value, fixed blade knife suitable for heavy duty camp use. While lacking in flawless fit and finish, the SCHF 37 offers excellent steel and good… Full Review »

TOPS Knives Fieldcraft by Brothers of Bushcraft

BEAST of a knife with fantastic edge retention! This knife DESTROYS any ESEE I've used and makes the BK2 seem derelict. BRILLIANT knife!!! I've loved this knife… Full Review »

Trailspace Innate Motus Top Reviewer Water Bottle

Received my 2014 Top 25 Reviewer Award Trophy (water bottle) today and it has found a home next to my Academy Award, Nobel Peace Prize, and Augusta National Green… Full Review »

Kupilka 21

A drinking vessel for home, work, or the wilderness for those who prize traditional styling. Not for ultralighters except as a luxury item, but this cup is good… Full Review »


The StickPic turns your trekking pole into the original "selfie stick." It is a little doohickey that screws onto the bottom of your camera and then slides onto… Full Review »

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