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UST Survival Blanket

This emergency blanket/tarp is the best bang for your buck, hands down. Tough and durable at a price that anyone can afford. The UST Survival Blanket is one piece… Full Review »

Gossamer Gear SpinnShelter

ultralight and very weatherproof tarp Late to the dance with my spinnshelter,got it used on ebay,weight is 8 oz on my scale,can use treking poles to pitch,sticks,… Full Review »

Stanley Camp Cook Set: 24oz

With all the hype about expensive high end gear, this set is a refreshing relief for the budget minded. The pot is extremely tough and I have used the same one… Full Review »

The North Face Ibex

I bought an Ibex sleeping bag from The North Face over near the Stanford shopping center in 1974 or '75. I used it for years and years. Finally had some problems… Full Review »

La Sportiva Men's Mutant

A versatile shoe, that can be useful to both sky runners and lightweight treckers. Can be a good choice for whoever wants to be agile while hiking or looks for… Full Review »

Garmin Foretrex 601

This is an excellent GPS for outdoor, hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, backpacking, and military type use. The small form factor, good battery life, and ease of… Full Review »

MSR Dromedary Bags

I have two of these, the 4 litre and the 2 litre. They are the older Cordura type and I was kind of hesitant to review them at first because of a recall of some… Full Review »

Arc'teryx Thorium AR Hoody

The Thorium AR does exactly what it intends to, which is keep you very very warm and comfortable for a low weight penalty. Buy this jacket if you want a near a… Full Review »


The HeroClip is a very versatile accessory clip that can be used in a number of applications both in the outdoors and around the house. OverviewYears ago people… Full Review »

Borah Gear eVent Rain Mitts

The Borah Gear eVent rain mitts are waterproof, ultralight, and breathable to provide protection for your hands from rain, snow, wind, and cold. This is a review… Full Review »

Exped Travel Box II Plus

Large bug net with a built-in floor for full protection. Great for use in shelters or under a tarp. Zippers on two sides make for easy access and lots of tie out… Full Review »

Patagonia Crosstrek Bottoms

A great option for cold weather activity or under a shell pant in colder weather. Polartec Power Stretch moves and wicks well, yet is pretty warm. Sized somewhere… Full Review »

REI AirRail 1.5 Self-Inflating Pad

We've owned these for about five years now and would do it all over again. With just a few puffs of air, my REI AirRail 1.5 Self-Inflating Pads (tall version to… Full Review »

BRS 3000T

If you're looking for a functional, ultralight canister stove, this is your stove. It's extremely light and compact, but sturdy enough to get the job done. I have… Full Review »

Paramo Taiga Fleece

Super warm and very soft and comfortable jacket with a silk-like lining and lots of pockets. Fit and comfort is great. It's not too tight and you can easily fit… Full Review »

Helinox Chair Zero

Having made fun of such chairs carried by other backpackers, I had to eat my words this summer when I caved in and bought the Helinox Chair Zero. I consider myself… Full Review »

NEMO Tensor Insulated 25

Very comfortable for sleepers who roll or side sleep, and super lightweight and compact. So I have had the Tensor for a month now and had it out a variety of times… Full Review »

Helinox Chair Zero

Beautiful design, very well-made, and light enough for backpacking; a bit low for tall people Sometimes I get the impression that UL hikers think comfort is a dirty… Full Review »

Altra Men's Superior 2.0

Lightweight, comfortable, fast drying trail shoe with limited durability and support. Comfort and Support The Superior 2.0 is a very comfortable, lightweight, zero… Full Review »

Outdoor Research Men's PL 400 Sensor Gloves

Extra warm liner gloves that work great alone or under a shell. As a big fan of liner gloves for the shoulder seasons I've worn a handful (pun intended) of brands. Full Review »

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