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MSR Men's Lightning Ascent

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Solid, adaptable, compact, and good traction. I used a pair of 30" Sherpa tubular frame/neoprene base/lacing shoes for many years. Sherpa had an excellent warranty for lacing replacements, and even gave me a discount on a new pair when my original ones finally gave out. When the lacing/base on those gave in, it was time to try something new. Got the 25" MSR Ascents a couple of years ago on sale. Vertically oriented metal framing to which a nice neoprene base is attached/riveted. No lacing. Aggressive… Full review

MSR Men's Lightning Ascent

rated 5 of 5 stars Great shoes! Got the 25's and they can handle all conditions. Agree with the below comments. One downside is that the 25's with the tail extensions may keel you forward a little bit in softer, deeper snow (15+ in.) because of the smaller toe. Opting for the 30's is better in this case because the front is proportionally larger. Crampon frame and heel lift = straight up ANY hill. Full review

MSR Lightning Tail

rated 3.5 of 5 stars It took a few times to figure out how to attach these tails without taking my snowshoes off, but once I did, they're the easiest, fastest things on the market. They weigh next to nothing so there's no reason not to take them, especially if you're going off-trail into deep snow. There's a heavy duty rubber strap that holds them on and the drawback is that in cold weather, the rubber is stiff and takes some effort to stretch enough to go over the back of the snowshoe. I'm a big fan of MSR snowshoes… Full review

MSR Men's Lightning Axis

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Excellent snowshoe but it's easy to lose a u clip in the binding So, I'm Australian but I have snowshoed here for 20 years. I only do backcountry and steep snowshoeing. When it gets too steep I switch to crampons. These are the best snowshoes ever for this kind of terrain. All the Lightnings are good and light in the backcountry but these are the best. You have to adjust them properly before your first adventure and I do mean properly. You don't want to correct your adjustment mistakes in the backcountry. Full review

MSR Men's Lightning Axis

rated 4.5 of 5 stars The two strap binding system is great. It allows me all the security/tightness needed. I have several boots that I wear, and all seem to work well. The 25" works extremely fine. I would highly recommend these for any treks. Securing the straps after lashing and can be challenging with bare hands in freezing temperatures. The  added 5" tails are easily attached for needed flotation  powder. Nevertheless, these shoes are solid and lightweight; they are relatively easy to strap on, even in freezing… Full review

MSR Men's Denali Evo Ascent

rated 5 of 5 stars Excellent snowshoes. Great traction, descent float for their size, durable, and versatile. Great for above treeline and crusty conditions. I have used these snowshoes for the last three years on many trips in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. They excel in crusty and above treeline conditions. The have decent float for their size, just be sure to match them to the conditions, they are not designed for deep powder. The traction is solid and they are very secure on crusty snow and ice. They are… Full review

MSR Men's Lightning Ascent

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Great snowshoe in all conditions. I really like these snowshoes, they have awesome traction and float. I have the 25" ones and used them up Algonquin and Wright Peak the other day in the Adirondacks and experienced everything from hard pack, to ice, to soft but heavy powder. They were great in all conditions.   I can see needing the flotation tails in fluffy fresh powder for additional float, but in the heavier spring stuff they were great. Traction on hard pack and ice is as good as a crampon… Full review

Tubbs Men's Flex ALP

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Grippy. I upgraded to these after a couple years of suffering through the SLS (Slings Lots'o Snow) pivots of my Atlas shoes. It is very nice to leave the snow on the trail instead of flinging it on my back. The grip of these is amazingly good, and the flex of the deck is appreciated of the steep downhills. The bindings are simple, fast and secure. The heel lift clicks around a little bit, but it never gets in the way and is very appreciated on the extended climbs. Full review

MSR Men's Lightning Ascent

rated 4.5 of 5 stars MSR Lightning Ascent 30” snowshoes, a very good snowshoe with some unique features. MSR Lightning Ascent 30" snowshoes Period of use: 1½ winters. For a 30" snowshoe it seems to have typical 30" snowshoe floatation.  :-) It is about average in weight and has a narrow shape which makes for a nice walking stride with minimal metal to metal hits. I do prefer a snowshoe with a higher “round-up” in the nose of the snowshoe. The pair I have is quiet, with minimal creeks and squeaks. Durability… Full review

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