MSR Evo Ascent


Weight 4 lb 1 oz / 1845 g
Length 22 in / 56 cm
Width 8.2 in / 20.3 cm



Great technical snowshoes that are still fun for a…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $200


Great technical snowshoes that are still fun for a simple day on the trail.


  • Durable
  • Great bindings
  • Heel lifters!
  • Great traction


  • Not for the fluffiest of powder/heaviest of people
  • Can be loud (crunch crunch crunch)

MSR Evo snowshoes are bombproof. They don't break under normal use, and I can't imagine what kind of abuse you'd have to put them through in order to damage them.

The design is great for climbing (attention fellow peak-baggers). They're plastic, so the same main body of the snowshoe that keeps you afloat is also molded to give you traction. The metal crampons and traction bars are aggressive enough for all snowshoeing situations. The heel lifters are absolutely essential for any sort of climbing.

These snowshoes are also amazing for recreational use, especially since you can add tails. They work great for me in the fluffy Colorado snow, but if I was any heavier I'd have to look at a different brand. The tails are especially nice since they make the same snowshoes work for different sized people.

I highly recommend giving these snowshoes a try. You will feel superior to your friends with their metal and rubber snowshoes, which seem like old wooden trapper snowshoes in comparison.


Thanks for the review! What part of Colorado are you snowshoeing in? My only snowshoeing has been in the front range, north of Boulder.

2 years ago

I mostly go out on the Grand Mesa, or sometimes the Uncompahgre Plateau if I'm just snowshoeing for the sake of snowshoeing. These have also taken me up some 14ers all over the state.

2 years ago

Technical ascents (angled, icy terrain) are much easier…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new


Technical ascents (angled, icy terrain) are much easier with these lightweight, strong snowshoes. If you want to move fast and get above the crowds, these are the shoes for you.


  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Exceptional traction


  • Too small for deep powder with a heavy pack

The design of these snowshoes is clearly targeted to climbers and mountaineers. And, they are equally at home on packed, icy winter hiking trails. Where they aren't enough is in deep powder with a heavy pack. There, you need a bigger footprint.

The tails work well enough, and I like the narrow width which keeps them comfortable and cuts down on the trips and catches that wide shoes can cause. The binding system is simple and reliable. No frozen fingers futzing around with slipping straps mid-trip. I think these would be good loaners for friends because they're likely to come back undamaged and fit different sized feet easily.

The main reason I bought them is the traction and light weight and that's where they excel. Side slipping just doesn't happen and up, down, and sideways over icy terrain are all the same - secure and confident. They fit on the pack easily when not in use.