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10 Essentials for Backcountry Travel

While a comprehensive hiking, backpacking, or camping gear list depends on many factors (season, climate, terrain, distance, activities, and personal preference), certain outdoor gear is essential whether you’re exploring the trails in your local woods or heading off on an extended backcountry climb or ski.

Wherever you're going, always bring appropriate hiking and outdoor gear for each of the 10 Essentials:

  1. Navigation
  2. Sun protection
  3. Insulation (extra clothing)
  4. Illumination (lights)
  5. First-aid supplies
  6. Fire (starters)
  7. Repair kit and tools
  8. Nutrition (extra food)
  9. Hydration (extra water)
  10. Emergency shelter

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Recent Hiking/Camping Product Reviews

MSR Remote 2

rated 5 of 5 stars If strength and livability are your goals in a four season tent the Remote 2 may be for you. MSR Remote 2 The MSR Remote 2 is a tent for when you KNOW the weather will be a challenge and you want a livable shelter; more than just a Black Diamond Firstlight/Eldorado or Mountain Hardwear Direkt 2. I own two other  4-season tents and one three season one, and I have “slept” in a wind-shredded 3-season tent at 9,000 feet.  I've also survived several raging wind and rainstorms in a casket-sized,… Full review

UCO Sweetfire Strikeable Fire Starter

rated 4 of 5 stars An interesting eco-friendly product that is excellent for lazy lighting of campfires and wood stoves in good conditions. It is extremely easy to use and burns longer than most fire starters, but does not perform as well as alternative fire starters in adverse weather. It would not be my go-to fire starter if I anticipated adverse conditions such as wind and rain, but will likely be in my pack for those weekend trips where the weather is more predictable and I want to get a fire going with the minimum… Full review

REI Hang Time Chair

rated 4.5 of 5 stars The REI Hang Time Chair is extremely comfortable and ideally suited to car camping. It is one of those chairs that everyone will be trying to sit in, so lay claim to it early - if it belongs to you. I have covered my impressions of this chair pretty well in the pros and cons list.  I don't have much else to add other than the fact that inserting the backrest tubes can take a little bit of effort for someone that is not mechanically inclined.  But not a problem for the most part. The reclining… Full review

Ozark Trail 500L LED Spot Light

rated 5 of 5 stars This product is great for illuminating targets at .25 miles has minimal weight, and water resistant. Great for paddling and boating. I recently purchased an Ozark Trail 500L LED hand held spotlight/Q beam for a 100 mile paddle across the Wilderness Waterway at Everglades National Park. I was extremely impressed with the overall performance of this product. I utilized this spotlight to illuminate the waterway markers, which assist paddlers in navigating through the Wilderness Waterway, while transitioning… Full review

Platypus GravityWorks Filter System 4L

rated 5 of 5 stars Lazy Man's Water Tanker! In planning for a 4 days backpacking Trip on the Ouachita Trail in Arkansas we noticed a 10 mile stretch with no water supply ( with a mountain climb). Looking around this system seemed like it might be the ticket. 4 liters, let gravity do the work instead of pumping. Needless to say the morning we hit the trail head it was snowing with ambient temp of 15F. The high that day was 22F. I took the filter from the system and put it inside my shell to make sure it didn't get… Full review

UCO Original Candle Lantern

rated 5 of 5 stars I carried one of these (as well as other candle lanterns) for years, then... Once upon a time I never went into the woods for an overnight without a candle lantern of one kind or another. I probably had five or so different makes and models. They still lurk in my gear storage. This is one of the better ones. Still, all candle lanterns have problems and this is no exception. There is potential for spilled hot wax and if you are not vigilant, fire. Candles are heavy for the light they give. The real… Full review

Appy Trails Mark V

rated 4 of 5 stars Light weight and a lot of room I got this as a way of reducing my load on summer-friendly climate trips.. Well, I bought too much tent. This thing is big, and not just big but with an extraordinarily high peak, something like 5' high at the door.  The tent is essentially a light weight version of a tent once used by the Boy Scouts for events like Piedmont. It requires either the light weight pole that is supplied or a trekking pole. The foot end requires a 12" aluminum rod that keeps that end of… Full review