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BioLite CampStove

rated 2 of 5 stars Nice, neat, but... BioLite stoves: Here's my take after camping with one. They're kewl, really kewl. I like the concept, but... here's the problem. It still takes the same amount of time to recharge whatever you're trying to recharge. I.E. iPhone, Android, etc.. And it's heavy and quite large to pack. Now don't get me wrong, if you're willing to sit and feed it till your device has a "FULL" charge, it's kewl. And if you're camping in rainy weather, better pack your own wood in. I don't see spending… Full review

Sterno Folding Stove

rated 3.5 of 5 stars A real back pack-able solution to your food cooking problems. A simple folding design that folds flat for easy carrying. Stove will hold a heavy pot. Front door and sides protect flames from wind. Burns Sterno, other canned heat or chaffing fuel. Low cost camping stove for the beginner. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE GOOD OLE' FASHIONED STERNO STOVE???It's crude and not perfect, but its definitely "good enough" for a budget conscious camper or weekend hiker. I don't think the size or style is any different… Full review

Bleuet Pocket Stove

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Great lightweight stove that is inexpensive, efficient and compact. The solid fuel cubes burn hot and last quite a while, but will leave a bit of black residue on your pot. Setup:  Incredibly easy: unfold it, put the cube in, and light it. Ignition: Lights right up, and it burns fairly slow, so it's not scary to light or anything. Flame control: Lacks here, because the only thing you can do with regards to this is move the pot up or down one setting. Cooking: Wouldn't be the best for doing much… Full review

Esbit Pocket Stove

rated 4 of 5 stars This is a very doable experience for the backpacker. If you plan to cook a good meal but only go backpacking once or twice a year this may be great option. This stove is very storable, pops out quick, and lights with a single match. It is also quiet in operation and is probably easier to clean than most stoves. Very fast boil in only three minutes, but watch out, you will have to add more fuel cubes during cooking of large meals. This con may make the stove less useful for people planning to cook… Full review

Trail Designs Sidewinder Ti-Tri

rated 5 of 5 stars This stove can burn ESBIT tabs, alcohol (12-10 alky stove included) and wood with the optional Inferno kit. The ti sheet metal construction is excellent. The Gram Cracker ESBIT tab holder and cone give THE best efficiency of any ESBIT stove. The Inferno insert makes the stove a highly efficient and HOT "gassifier" wood burner that rivals the Bush Buddy. Stove is very light and compact when rolled up for storage. The Sidewinder Caldera Cone stove has several differences from the original aluminum Caldera… Full review

Kelly Kettle Aluminum Base Camp Large Kelly Kettle

rated 3 of 5 stars This product is fantastic at what it is supposed to do, but be wary of the durability. The aluminum can bend and make the product unusable without hammering it back into place. Everything about the Kelly Kettle is easy to use, and it's great for anyone who needs to boil water quickly without packing fuel. I've used it several times over the last year with no problems. However, I recently packed it into a checked bag (for the first time) for a trip to South America, and when I brought it out the… Full review

Solo Stove

rated 4 of 5 stars The Solo Stove works as advertised, and is an efficient wood-burning stove. It is great for packing where you can find small sticks to use as fuel, which is mostly everywhere. The top rack for the pot has some sharp edges. I read a lot on this and competing stoves before buying the Solo Stove (nearly didn't because it's clearly copied from a previous stove, but IP protection is lacking, so that's life). I used this in a test in my barn before using it on the trail several times, and was very pleased. Full review

Esbit Pocket Stove

rated 4.5 of 5 stars The Esbit Pocket stove is overall good quality, as it is very light (12.7 ounces including all of the fuel) and boils water effectively. The setup is extremely easy! Just pop it out of your pocket, unfold it and ignite a piece of fuel. Every single time I've attempted to ignite the fuel, I've done it with a single match. It does not take much effort to light the fuel. It comes with six fuel cubes, so if you're planning to make more than three meals, purchase extra fuel. It works very well as a… Full review

Esbit Pocket Stove

rated 4 of 5 stars Very durable Great deal Extremely versatile fuel source This is great stove that is compact, light, extremely versatile, and is reasonably priced. I liked that it was made in Germany because they make great products, but that's beside the point. It's a great stove that I highly reccomend to all. Full review

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