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Recent Multi-Fuel Stove Reviews

Vargo Triad XE

rated 3 of 5 stars This stove works as advertised. It'll heat enough water for your meal and a hot drink. But there are issues. I've used this stove perhaps 40 times in the past year or so. And while it's not a bad stove, it's not a great one either. My biggest issue is filling and refilling the stove. The fuel "capsule" cap is removed from the stand and taken apart. Filled to approximately 1oz and the cap replaced. Every freaking time. Other alcohol stoves that have an open top are much easier to cook longer because… Full review

MSR WhisperLite Universal

rated 5 of 5 stars Portable, easy setup, and versatile. Multiple fuel capabilities gives this the edge over compatible stoves. Love this stove. I can use canister fuel or liquid (Coleman fuel). I haven't tried to use gasoline or kerosene. Easily fits into a Maxpedition or Condor water bottle bag with a GSI cup/pot set. Full review

Primus OmniFuel

rated 4.5 of 5 stars While family and friends were out buying MSR, I held back and continued to use my old Coleman Peak 1 until it rusted through. The biggest problem with MSR is the stiff hose that will lift the stove right off the ground. This Primus is great. This is my first season with my Primus stove. Family members own MRS DragonFly, Whisperlite, and a light weight butane burner. I've kept my Coleman Peak One (silver, not the two-valve brown one) in service for 24 years. It has been ultimately convenient, reliable,… Full review

Trail Designs Classic Ti-Tri

rated 4.5 of 5 stars The Trail Designs Classic Ti-Tri stove system offers a pot stand, a windscreen, and three fuel choices—alcohol, Esbit, wood—in a durable, lightweight package. Best for lightweight or ultralight backpackers hiking in conditions that make these fuel options viable and practical. The search for the perfect backpacking stove is virtually endless: for we DIYers and MYOG junkies, the endless array of stoves that can be made in one's workshop (or even on the trail) offer low cost and the satisfaction… Full review

Vargo Triad XE

rated 5 of 5 stars While making your own cat can stove may be the inexpensive way to go I needed something I could expect to last a long long time and be efficient. The Vargo Triad XE endured the Eastern Continental Trail journey for 339 days and is still in use. It is ultralight and tough. I needed a stove to depend on. Something light, durable and efficient. This stove had all three plus is designed for solid fuel if necessary, though I had no problem obtaining liquid fuel. Once I determined the burn time I was… Full review

Brunton Vapor AF

rated 5 of 5 stars This is a great stove. Easy to use with great simmer control. I only have used white gas and purchased it so that I could do some real cooking on the trail besides boiling water. It can go from jet engine fast to a low simmer with no problems. It is durable. I bought this stove so that I could do some real cooking on the trail. I did have a Whisperlite which I had used for 20 years, but it had only one speed, jet engine fast. This was on sale and I liked that you could use a multiplicity of fuels… Full review

Primus MultiFuel

rated 2.5 of 5 stars Bought a Primus Multi-Fuel Stove (not the same as an Omni-Fuel) at REI in 1997 to to take to Saudi Arabia. (Primus Isobutane gas was available there in Saudi.) Stove worked perfectly for a few camping trips. I came back to US in a couple of years and only used stove 2~3 more times, always with Primus butane, never with liquid fuel. Always worked perfectly. Now I can't get any gas through the fuel line to the gas jet nipple. The stove was fast to set up, lit instantly, boiled water really fast, but… Full review

Brunton Lander Stove

rated 4.5 of 5 stars So this is a discontinued product and truth be told, it was not an OEM, Brunton only put their name on it and imported it. So you can still get it but you have to import it from NZ, AU, KR, etc. That aside, this stove ROCKS! It's a true multi-fuel stove!  It comes with a nice case, spare parts and even the tool to clean and dismantle it. I've used this stove at low attitude with propane and high attitude with white fuel without issue. Would I take this stove world trekking, simple answer is yes. Full review

Coleman Fyrestorm SS Stove

rated 3 of 5 stars I've used both the propane/butane canisters and the white gas on this stove. The propane/butane canisters are easier to light but one goes through fuel fast (3 days on one canister), the white gas is more fuel efficent but the start up is a flame up experience that you need to warn other campers to stay away when when lighting it. It takes about 3 minutes to settle down to a steady flame but you won't be bothered by mosquitoes during this time. The setup is easy in both canister and liquid fuel… Full review