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ClickHeat Hand/Pocket Warmer

This product gets very hot, but only for about a 1/2 hour. It then needs boiling in a pan for at least 15 minutes to re-charge the crystals. This is fiddly and… Full Review »

The North Face Patrol 45 Duo

Sometimes they get it right. More Pros Nylon side pocket ( not cheap ) Universal buckles (easy to replace or expand ) Wide belt Loops for climbing gear   I bought… Full Review »

Kayland Hyper Traction

This is one really awesome boot! I bought Hyper Traction for winter mountaineering and ice climbing. For these pursuits correct fit is essential as cold feet is… Full Review »

Asolo Men's Expert GV

Great lightweight versatile boot. I bought these boots 8 years ago from REI. I have some challenges with the Italian welt at times. It seems my foot is slightly… Full Review »

Brunton TruArc 7

Purchased the compass a couple of days ago from REI. Overall has a good build quality. However the squeeze declination adjustment just does not work. Have been… Full Review »

Esbit Alcohol Stove & Trekking Cookset CS985HA

Packs small and is lightweight. This stove is perfect for one person on a backpacking trek. I use it regularly. I prefer the fuel tablets as they don't go bad,… Full Review »

Outdoor Research Men's Mithril Jacket

Very reliable and warm waterproof softshell for cold conditions. Introduction This is a jacket that bridges the gap between softshell and hardshell.  In fact this… Full Review »

The North Face Talus 33

Solid, dependable tent. I bought this model of the Talus in 2000 (different color). It has only ever served as a 3-season tent for me (lower fabric is not suitable… Full Review »

Ozark Trail 3 Room Family Tent

Large roomy tent, useful for occasional use. Has two room dividers, but has no hook & loops for the windows when opened and only one door. I am very disappointed… Full Review »

Optimus 8R

Was given to me from a good friend. Never failed. Slow to boil but works. Got a Peak canister stove and the 8r outdid the modern Peak stove. Totally indestructible. Full Review »

Belleville 310

This is a great fitting, comfortable, lighter weight hiking boot that falls short on durability and short on the manufacturer's claims. I actually bought these… Full Review »

Kelty Vortex 2

Great tent for bicycle touring. I purchased an early version of this tent around 1998 for about $200 new, and in 2011 found a used Webforce version in mint condition… Full Review »

Gransfors Bruks Mini Hatchet

Definitely a minimalist hatchet. I'd recommend a bigger one for most real hatchet work. I'm generally a fan of large knives for wilderness tasks. You can cut, chop,… Full Review »

Manasalu Adventure 50+5

A well made and versatile pack for every day or for the longer trek. Very well made and designed, definitely user friendly. For some time I have been trawling through… Full Review »

Black Diamond Unisex Trail Pro Shock

Four years old and still going strong. I have had a pair of these poles for four years now and as I get farther away from 50 I use them more and more. They break… Full Review »

Limmer Men's Light-Weight

Trust your gut instinct. If you think they're too tight, don't buy them despite what they say about the break-in process. There's no turning back once you try to… Full Review »

UCO A-120

Light and comfortable on the head with an easily adjustable output, the UCO A-120 works well for in-camp lighting or after dark activity both on- and off-trail. Full Review »

UCO A-45 Comfort-Fit Headlamp

Light and comfortable on the head with an easily adjustable output, the UCO A-45 works well for in-camp lighting, though few would find it bright enough for night… Full Review »

Salomon Men's XT Wings 3

Highly structured stability trail runners with bombproof durability, good grip, and comfort. I'm on my 4th pair of this shoe, which was called the XT Wings. Fit:… Full Review »

Primus EasyLight

I used this lantern in Glacier for many backpacking trips. I was wondering if anyone knows what size the seals that are in the housing that screws onto the tank. Full Review »

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