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Mammut Lucido TX1

Minimal extrinsic-battery headlamp (meaning a giant step stronger than lamps with emitter/lens and battery all in one housing, but a giant step weaker than regulated-supply… Full Review »

Oboz Men's Sawtooth Mid

Fit, Function, Breathability, Dryness, Warmth? (yes warmth). Can't recommend these boots enough! Bought these after having Saloman, Keen, Merrill, and even Danner… Full Review »

Paddy Pallin Spondonicles

Growing up in Sydney, we called these "Chinese hoodlum gangs", or "gangs" for short. In ancient China, secret criminal societies were called Tongs. With the advent… Full Review »

Primus Micron Ti 2.5

I have been using this stove for around... maybe 10 years? Never have any issue, and I saw another review for hard-to-fold issue, that is because Titanium's characters,… Full Review »

The North Face Nebula Tent

Best of many three and four season tents I've owned. Supported 8" of wet snow in Minnesota. Held up to 50 mph winds in Utah. Didn't leak a drop in a heavy three… Full Review »

Sierra Designs Light Year 1

This tent is bomb proof and lightweight! I think the only drawback is the smaller vestibule, that being said it is still all you will need in most cases. I would… Full Review »

Asolo Men's TPS 520 GV

Great until the sole split apart from the boot. Unfortunately I have the same issue as others have with this boot. It was awesome while it lasted. I hiked to the… Full Review »

P-38 can opener with blade lock

Best P-38 for keychain, carabiner, or pocket due to blade lock. If packed tight in a container, blade lock is unnecessary. The most common P-38 can openers have… Full Review »

Vasque Montana

This is my second pair of these boots -- they require new soles every once in a while but otherwise bomb-proof -- work well with crampons. While you can use running… Full Review »

Gossamer Gear LT5 Three Piece Carbon Trekking Poles

Light and comfortable! This is an initial review with only one day, so if durability becomes problematic, I will update the review. I typically hate poles.  They… Full Review »

Galibier Super Rando

Old school perfection! This is the "1970's" heavy duty backpacking boot. It has all the same quality and features you would have found on a pair purchased back… Full Review »

Aegismax Wind Hard Quilt

If you're looking for a quilt that won't break the bank and you don't expect cold temperatures (sub 40° F / 5° C ), this Aegismax Wind Hard quilt is an excellent… Full Review »

Teva Men's Grecko

Best sandals I've ever owned, hands down. I wore these hard for almost 13 years before the soles separated for the second time and could not be repaired. Incredibly… Full Review »

Marmot Women's PreCip Pant

Overall these pants do what I want them to do—if you see them on sale go for it, otherwise they are little pricey. I'm happy with them, but there are a few issues… Full Review »

Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2

Great lightweight tent, but you have to know how to set it up to make it work. Bought this to lighten my gear, upgrading from my beginner Half Dome 2 (6 lbs). This… Full Review »

Fjallraven Bergtagen Longjohns

The Fjallraven Bergtagen Long Johns is a base layer pant that utilizes wool in three different weaves to maximize heat retention in key areas (butt, groin) and… Full Review »

Granite Gear Nimbus Trace Access 85

My favorite pack for heavy loads. I owned and enjoyed using a 2012 Baltoro 75 for four years before discovering the Nimbus Trace. The maple frame fits me better… Full Review »

Bigfoot Snowshoes ADV Adventure

My wife bought me a pair of these after I raved about them while using them at work timber cruising in NW BC all day every day. Now retired I use them for fun,… Full Review »

The North Face Double Headed Toad 44 BX

My wife and I bought this tent used four years ago and have used it many times since. It is the perfect tent, and I would recommend it to anyone. We are a family… Full Review »

MSR WindBurner Ceramic Skillet

This is the pan for WindBurner Stove System owners who want to add a frying pan to their cook kit, one that offers nonstick convenience and solid build, and who… Full Review »

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