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ZebraLight H502r Red AA Flood Headlamp

This niche headlamp / flashlight is best used for preserving night vision or for light sensitive operations such as for astronomy, in the dark room, maybe tactical… Full Review »

Mountain House Beef Stroganoff with Noodles

Tasty Poke hole near top with pin to remove air and cover with tape for easier transport. Full Review »

Osprey Comet

A great daypack, as well made and designed as any I have ever owned. I love this pack. Was trying to replace a 2011 Mountain Hardwear Enterprise, and I originally… Full Review »

Snow Peak Titanium Single Wall 450 Cup

Excellent mug Love it. Unbelievably light with nice graphics. Full Review »

Katadyn Hiker

Nice filter I love it, but it takes some effort to pump. Leaks a little when pumping so be prepared to get a little wet. Used it in shallow creek in Harriman State… Full Review »

Zippo 12 Hour Hand Warmer

It does what it advertises, but I would add a couple of caveats. These hand warmers actually "burn" the propane, not with a flame, but they cause the naptha to… Full Review »

Osprey Atmos 65

The Osprey Atmos 65 is great for long distance backpacking. It can hold all you need and still be light. I highly recommend the pack. My pack fits really well. Full Review »

Marmot Plasma 0

The best ultra lightweight bag I have ever bought. It keeps me very warm and is probably the lightest weight bag with this down fill . The only other bag with the… Full Review »

NRS Woodland Power Stove

A versatile piece of camping gear that can be used as a high power blaster for fast boiling yet can be turned down to lower power for simmering with a big skillet… Full Review »

Outdoor Research Ghost Rain Hat

Best all around outdoor hat that I've found yet for our moist, often unpredictable, Pacific Northwest USA weather! Three season especially rain (but not summer)… Full Review »

Berkeley Premium Cork Grease

Ever been desperate to get a zipper open on a backpack, tent, or clothing item and it sticks ... even jams shut? Ever have physical connector/connection problems… Full Review »

Zippo 12 Hour Hand Warmer

Refillable catalyst handwarmer. These are easy to use and work pretty well. The large Zippo handwarmer works really well. In the '70s my grandfather gave me two… Full Review »

McNett Zip Tech

A great product for zipper maintenance. One stick lasts a long time. Does not attract or hold sand and dirt. No mess. Easy to use. In 2003 I bought this product… Full Review »

MSR WhisperLite Universal

Wonderful, very versatile stove. I bought this stove new in 2014 and have had several opportunities since then to make use of it. The fact that there are several… Full Review »

Oakley Heritage Pipe Glove

A good balance of fit, dexterity and warmth in the Shoulder Seasons. I have several pairs of gloves from thin liners to gore-type super mittens. In between those… Full Review »

Eureka! Summit

This is a 4-season tent which is very easy to set up and take down, pack, and carry. It does not seem to be to waterproof, as every time I camp and get caught in… Full Review »

Everest Hiking Pack

Overall, this is a budget option and can carry about 30 lbs for several miles, but don't push the boundaries of the straps or bungees. The Everest Hiking Pack is… Full Review »

John Calden Boots Mountain Hiking Boot

Perfect fit from day 1 for hard to fit feet. Never a sore spot. No toe jam on descending. Really really great boot. Worth the wait and the money as I don't think… Full Review »

Berghaus VapourLight Hyper Smock

Kept me completely dry on my through hike, ultra lightweight. Packs down into my palm. Full Review »

Icebreaker Men's Sphere Short Sleeve Crewe

Super comfortable across a variety of conditions. I have several merino hiking shirts which are now pushing ten years old, and looking a bit ragged, so I decided… Full Review »

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