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Exped Men's Thunder 70

This is a relatively lightweight pack (3.5 lbs) without many bells and whistles but which excels at comfortably carrying 35-40 lbs in rugged terrain. Fit:  The… Full Review »

Norrona Reconpack

Used this backpack for aprox 15 year. Best use for heawy load The carrie system on this backpack is impresive. The foam straps feels molded to your body. The quick… Full Review »

Cold Steel Pendleton Hunter

Good versatile outdoor knife i have used this knife for the last years. For hunting, fishing, hiking And general outdoors in Norway. This has ended up being my… Full Review »

Motionize SUPerior paddle sensor

The SUPerior paddle sensor is a great tool for the novice or SUP racer to optimise paddle stroke. Used in conjunction with a Smartphone app it gives real time training… Full Review »


Utter bunch of fraudsters! Take your money and run. Read so many bad reviews about them. AVOID! Utter bunch of fraudsters! Take your money and run. Read so many… Full Review »

Jöttnar Fjörm

Great mid-weight, water & wind resistant, compressible hydrophobic Down Winter Belay jacket. And even when worn as a Winter mid-layer. Had been searching for… Full Review »

Northwest Territory Big Timber

Very large family tent. We've had this tent for over 15 years. Very reliable, strong tent. Last year,on a beach, a rogue wave flooded about 100 tents.  Most got… Full Review »

Para'Kito Mosquito Repellent Band

Expensive but effective band with an eye catching could and pattern. Saved me from sheer torment. I was recommended the Parakito band while on holiday in Germany's… Full Review »

GCI Outdoors SitBacker

This canoe seat offered excellent back comfort during a 5 day paddling wilderness adventure. Its light weight and thoughtful design made it easily portagable without… Full Review »

Black Diamond Spot

Spot 2017- new and improved! I've owned past models of the Spot- the 130 lumen model (2014-ish) and then the 2016 model- lumens bumped to 200 and waterproofness… Full Review »

Ultimate Direction Fastpack 15

A great pack for long days in the mountains; even a bare bones overnighter. I've now had about dozen mountain runs in the 18-25 mile range with this pack and can… Full Review »

Lily Trotter Socks

Great socks for smaller feet that don't fall down or shift in your shoes Note: Occasionally, I get to test products for companies. I received these socks for free… Full Review »

Brunton TruArc 15

Such a pity about the previous reviews... This compass works well! The sticker on the bottom is purely to protect the base of the capsule before the user receives… Full Review »

DMM Dragon Cam

I've used Dragons for the past three years and love them. I've climbed with them on granite, Limestone, quartzite and Sandstone. I've done cragging with them as… Full Review »

Swiss Barefoot Company Free Your Feet (Classic Swiss)

Poorly made. Not as advertised Pure garbage. Wore them for two bouldering sessions. The rubber nibs wore off quickly and I wore a hole in the fabric. So much for… Full Review »

Ecco Exceed Low

This style is stylish and comfortable. I also like its versatility as both an fashionable everyday casual shoe and as a function urban walker or hiker. I feel like… Full Review »

Danner Mountain Light II

Great boot for most people looking for a combination of a traditional and more modern hiking boot. It's a good boot, merging old and new concepts to create a comfortable… Full Review »

Keen Men's Voyageur

I find the Keen Men's Voyageur shoe to be very comfortable, especially if the fronts of your feet are wide. They have excellent traction for most situations, breathe… Full Review »

OOFOS OOriginal Sport Sandal

Single purpose shoes that work perfectly for the role they were designed for. They are incredibly comfortable and help your feet recover but not useful outside… Full Review »

Coleman Sportster Dual Fuel II

What can one say it's time tested dinosaur technology but so is the SVEA 123 and people still use them. Because they work and work well with little hassle. I picked… Full Review »

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