TrailFlex Picked as “Must-Have" by Popular Science

The revolutionary new TrailFlex Modular Pack System has been selected as a “Must-Have Product” by Popular Science magazine in its February 2007 issue.

“For a perfectly sized bag, add or shed compartments from the first fully modular backpack,” Popular Science wrote.

The TrailFlex System, which also has been recognized by Men’s Health magazine as one of the best new products for 2007, will be available for purchase in April 2007 in specially priced packages designed for backpackers, fly fishing devotees, and other outdoor enthusiasts in a variety of configurations.

The TrailFlex System may be purchased with select groupings of specialized components, providing users with even greater flexibility in pursuing their favorite outdoor activity while simplifying the purchasing process.

Available in light, durable fabrics, the innovative, patent-pending design of the TrailFlex System provides a torso-hugging foundation on which hikers and other outdoor devotees can attach a wide variety of gear – from binocular cases to cell phone pouches – with comfort, convenience and easy access.

The secret to such incredible flexibility is patent-pending Advanced Modular Technology that makes it easy to attach and reconfigure more than 20 custom-tailored gear pouches to the TrailFlex Base Harness.

Future expansion – with corresponding development of appropriate components – is planned for the next 1-2 years into the adventure racing, geocaching, photography & media production, tactical and industrial/construction markets.

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