Terra Nova Offers Cuben Fiber Ultra Glove

Terra Nova's Laser Ultra 1 tent holds the Guinness World Record for lightest double wall shelter ever produced. Now the British manufacturer has made a glove version of its ultralight Cuben Fiber tent: the Extremities Ultra Glo winter running glove.

Terra Nova took the Ultra fabric (Cuben Fiber) from its Laser Ultra 1 tent and used it for the windproof back of the Ultra Glo Glove. The glove gets around Cuben Fiber's inherent impermeability with super-breathable mesh for the palm in high-visibility Coolmax. Total weight: 19 grams.

Andy Utting, managing director at Terra Nova, said: “As soon as we created the Laser Ultra 1 we realized the material could offer real benefits to runners."

Sold under Terra Nova's Extremities brand, this is a bare minimum glove for highly aerobic events.

Tell us, winter runners. Would you wear translucent, Cuben Fiber gloves?

Extremities Ultra Glo Glove

Weight: 19 g

Available: August 2013

Price: $32

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January 25, 2013 at 10:45 p.m. (EST)

as a winter runner currently on injured reserve, i use wind proof or wind block material throughout temps between 0-34 b/c once sweating, it's easy to get chilled in even the slightest wind from momentum let alone the actual wind gusts.  learned this a few years ago and will always rotate several gloves, hats/ear bands, pants and jackets (of varying weights and insulation capabilities).  i would be thrilled to try this with a liner when colder than 34.

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February 2, 2013 at 12:23 p.m. (EST)

I wished I had gloves to keep my hands dry while holding my trekking poles while hiking in the rain in the Sierra last summer.  Even without a lot of insulating value, something to keep my hands dry would have made a big difference.  Is cuban fiber waterproof?

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February 2, 2013 at 2:03 p.m. (EST)

Is cuban fiber waterproof?

I wonder about this myself. Often I wish there was a Wiki for outdoor gear, where one could find some answers to stuff like this or 'what is a softshell' and 'what hydrostatic head is sufficient for a four season tent' and so on. There was a scientific chap who tested loads of Cuben on backpackinglight but I didn't save the bookmarks and I am not sure where the line was drawn etc.

As for gloves in summer, the thinnest meraklon (?) ones are fine even in the autumn when they are used with trekking poles, IMO, so how about those?

As for the TN gloves featured, I am not sure why a runner couldn't just protect her or himself (and others) by wearing a day-glow vest. The luminous material is, after all, on the inside and most runners, I assume, have their hands gently clenched. Or has there been a new 'Jazz Hands' technique developed since I stopped running?

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