Get the Kids Outside: Play With Fire and Knives

Yet more reasons to get the kids outside:

  • A lack of time spent playing in the great outdoors can make kids literally shortsighted. That’s according to Australian researchers who found an association between high levels of outdoor activity and low rates of myopia (shortsightedness).  (Via Treehugger and Hindustan Times)
  • Also, a new British study blames over-protective Mom and Dad for the decline in outdoor play. The study found that half of all children have been stopped from climbing trees and 17 percent have been told they cannot take part in games of tag or chase. (Via Treehugger and The Guardian)

Want to help counteract these alarming trends?

  • Promise to take at least two kids outside as part of The Outdoor Foundation's "I Will" campaign. Not only will the kids benefit, but creating a new generation of backcountry enthusiasts is necessary for the future of outdoor recreation and the environment.
  • Parents who want creative, confident, in-control kids, also should watch Gever Tulley's short TED talk, “5 dangerous things you should let your kids do.” Tulley, co-founder of the Tinkering School (where kids get to play with power tools!), explains why children should own a pocketknife and play with fire, among other "dangerous" activities. I'm eager to read his forthcoming 50 dangerous things book.

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August 14, 2008 at 9:18 p.m. (EDT)

I would agree whole heartedly, I also think that letting kids sit in front of a TV or play video games all the time promotes A.D.D. and similar disorders (it at least aggravates these problems).
Kids need to be outside playing in the REAL world and learning the things you learn by playing in the real world, not the make believe world offered to them via TV.
Kids need to be developing social skills, living skills, and problem solving skills that are applicable to the real world!
How many 14 year olds who master video games in a few days can cook or balance a checkbook? I made my kids start doing their own laundry when they turned 12, guess what, they learn real fast! It's just a matter of parental involvement.

OK, I play games too, but moderation is required.
My favorite game is Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Our kids have so much potential!
I just like to see it developed on things that are constructive and beneficial to them and society.

I would also add that the more you shelter kids from things like knives, the more likely it is they will get injured using one. (Even in the kitchen)
We need to teach kids how to properly use things that are potentially dangerous, and lead by example. It is most often a lack of proper instruction and a lack of skills that gets kids and adults alike injured by items that are harmless until a human picks it up!

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September 18, 2008 at 7:34 p.m. (EDT)

What Trouthunter says in his 3rd and last paragraph above pretty much sums up my feelings.
I sponsor a couple teen boys through WR CASE & Sons [the knife company] and these boys because of me and Boyscouts, can hike, summer camp with tarp only, wintercamp, administer first aid, build a fire, use a knife, axe, or compass, canoe, kayak, ski, snowshoe, etc, safely.
And they too can play video games and musical instruments because of other interests/influences.
One can read or watch all they care to but 'hands on experience' is a must for proficiency and mental growth.

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