8000 Meters... On a Climbing Wall

Jonny Briggs and Tom Lancaster (Photo: thelongestclimb.net)

Climbers hold an assortment of Everest records: youngest, oldest, first this, fastest that.

In March, Tom Lancaster, 27, and Jonny Briggs, 29, will race each other to become the first to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest's height from sea level to summit (29,029 feet) in one continuous effort. Oh, and they'll be doing it on an indoor climbing wall at the British Leisure Show.

Lancaster and Briggs will compete to climb a 12-meter climbing wall 738 times for a total ascent of 8,854 meters (6 meters higher than Everest's summit). That's 10 times higher than the world's tallest building, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa (828 meters/2,716.5 feet).

First to complete the distance gets Guinness World Record honors. The contest is expected to take at least 15 hours and about 15,000 calories per climber.

Ridiculous? Impossible? Moronic? Perhaps. (Their words, not mine). So, why do this?

The pair is raising money for Mountain Rescue England and Wales (Lancaster's mountaineering mentor Rupert Rosedale died in an avalanche on Ben Nevis in 2009), as well as for Amnesty International and HeartUK.

"This is not just a vain attempt to steal 15 minutes of fame, this is an attempt to do some real good in the world," the pair writes on its site.

“We are not in this for anything other than to make some sort of positive contribution by pushing ourselves to the limit,” said Lancaster. “The competition between us is intense but it’s good. I’m stronger than Jonny, but he’s fitter – it will be interesting to see which one of us beats the challenge first!”

Lancaster and Briggs will climb the weekend of March 11-12 at the British Leisure Show.

For more info: www.thelongestclimb.net

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That is completely nuts, but in a "Holly Moses on a climbing wall, that's awesome!" kind of nuts.


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