On land or water, trails connect people with outdoors

Trails — they're not just found on land; they're also found on local rivers and waterways.

Whether it's a hiking trail to summit high peaks or a paddling trail that takes you from the urban to the rural scene, trails help people discover and connect with the outdoors.

The national organization American Rivers works with local groups to create Blue Trails to protect clean water and critical riverside lands, while promoting river recreation, sustainable economic development, and community pride. You can learn more about American Rivers and its Blue Trails initiative in today's article "American Rivers creates Blue Trails on waterways" or at www.americanrivers.org/bluetrails.

Or check out the video below to see how Blue Trails and groups like Canoeing for Kids help provide river access to local communities.

American Rivers is one of the outdoor and environmental non-profit organizations that Trailspace supports

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June 25, 2011 at 12:56 p.m. (EDT)

Good stuff Alicia. I have found that some of the most memorable places that I have set camp/explored were only accessible by water-way. Thanks for putting this up.

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