Camp in Someone's Garden (for a small fee)

Attending the Edinburgh Jazz Festival? Stay here for £7 a night.

Traveling on a non-backpacking holiday, but can't find a campground or park to set the tent up in, and don't want to stay indoors? Want to stay somewhere unique on the cheap?

In the U.K. you can try, "the first online community advertising private gardens as temporary campsites, providing accessible alternatives to traditional accommodation."

Whether you're headed to a music festival, show jumping derby, the beach, hill walking, or the Air Guitar World Championships (July 24!), Campinmygarden helps you find garden campsites offered up by landowners, for as little as £7 a night.  Gardens vary from "bamping" (basic camping) to "glamping" (glamourous camping).

For £20 a night you can camp here during the Ascot Betfair horse racing weekend.

I love this from one garden description, "You would be sharing the garden with our chickens, dont worry, they are not fully free-range and it does mean there are fresh eggs available for your breakfast!"

Private gardens are already being booked for the 2012 London Olympics. Search by event or activity to find gardens available near particular events.

Writes Campinmygarden founder Victoria Webbon:

"I hope that one day there will be thousands of private gardens being offered as temporary campsites across the world. Everyone will welcome and be welcomed into our gardens with open arms and hearts, sharing in one passion for the universal adventure that is life."

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July 7, 2011 at 2:06 p.m. (EDT)

Kind of like the Bed and Breakfast on the cheap.  This would be real convenient on many trips.

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July 8, 2011 at 9:03 a.m. (EDT)

This is awesome. I wish we had it here in the US.

denis daly
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July 9, 2011 at 5:54 a.m. (EDT)

I know a property where the owner has a trained gardner who did his homes garden's english layered with wildflowers around the front and back.It also has 2 wood thrushes that are being monitored by Cornel University. Because they are rare to be on private property not in the 100% wild as well as the Virginia Blue bird monitored by the Blue bird society.It's 2 acre's, ample parking for atleast 10 vehicles. The owner would gladely allow camping in the yard. Use of the inground pool and indoor showers and use of his dehydrator, front load washer and dryer and 5000 BTU grill. There's ample amount of fire wood for late night camp fires in the wood shed. 2 mountain bike's, 2 road bikes and 5 mins you can access Jefferson National Forest, 10 mins you can access the Appalation trail as well as for local histrorical points. The county courthouse was designed by Thomas Jefferson and Clarkes home of residence prior to his departure on his and Lewis's adventure is 2 mins. As well as in the near future will be a festival for the Discovery Trail. Also 1/2 miles from a local Vinyard. The owner is presently away on his own adventure but would allow backpackers the use at a fee of $ 5.00 to replenish the gas to the BTU grill no doubt you would use.    You also may get the exceptional rarity of stoping at a very good donut shop on the way to the trailhead featured on the Food network.They are hiker friendly. Also the Local outfitter is only 10 mins as well for all your guide books etc. For great coffee like starBucks a local provider is located next to the outfitter and has WIFI for cells and computers again they are hiker friendly..The one factor is the owners neighbors cattle may wake you on occasion when they are grazeing the section behind his property..The property also has Monarc Butterflies as well as humming birds cardinals and robins and finch's. He asked dont chase the wild life but observe and enjoy. lastly the property is only 2 hours by vehicle to Shenendoahia national park as well. the local historical society is working with the Lewis and Clark foundation that has helped to adjust some mis information about their journey, Hence the actual deal for lewis to accompany Clark was made in Virgina at his home not in Pennsylvannia. Thats why the festival would be held there..Also Thomas Jefferson's poplar forest is local. LOL  100% accurate.

Robert Rowe
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July 10, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. (EDT)

What town is this near, Denis ?

I used to live in Charlottesville ... worked in Waynesboro.

I stayed with friends in Palmyra (Fluvanna County) last Summer (Heaven help me ... the HEAT!).

Headed back that way sometime in the next month-or-so.   Probably going to bivy out of my VW Camper.   Going back up to the AT at Afton Mtn.



denis daly
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July 10, 2011 at 8:50 p.m. (EDT)

Robert Daleville/ Fincastle   Boteout County.. 30 mins to Natural Bridge also that Jefferson owned.. If you look out over the ledge on this photo of macfee knob that distant ridge is Jefferson national forest and it backs up to right to Washington national forest in eagle rock 15 mins down the road..lot's of trails and sites for the backpacker or cyclist..This is part of jefferson as well. Tinkers cliffs is the middle per say..

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