Bear stopping at your back yard

1:04 p.m. on May 30, 2012 (EDT)
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Snatched from another forum and it was on some guys niece's FB page.

Comments received are at the bottom.


Comments include;

"Ruuuun .....there is a beeeeaaaaar ........"

and my favorite;

"I thought u needed a gun but who knew the green hose is a barrier that all bears will not"

1:07 p.m. on May 30, 2012 (EDT)
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No bear scat in my yard yet, just deer browsing on my young maples.


8:52 a.m. on May 31, 2012 (EDT)
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Awww, he looks like a cute bear!  He just want the paparazzi to leave him alone!

10:18 a.m. on June 6, 2012 (EDT)
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kim kardashian can't even go for a hike without the paparazzi following her.

2:49 a.m. on June 10, 2012 (EDT)
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Photo of a soon-to-be winner of the Darwin Award, 2012.

2:52 a.m. on June 10, 2012 (EDT)
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Maybe his cheating wife asked him to take the photo. (...  two, three, four)


4:14 p.m. on June 11, 2012 (EDT)
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I was recently in the bears backyard up in the Teton Wilderness here in NW Wyoming. I saw 1 black bear and 2 grizzly bears, one a Sow with two cubs. No pictures as they were all long off on mountain tops. But great seeing anyway!

May 22, 2018
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