Fuel Canister swapping Between Brands

11:22 p.m. on December 22, 2002 (EST)

I have been told that the Snow Peak lanterns which use the giga power fuel canisters can also use the Primus canisters. Is this also the case in reverse. I have a Primus Ti stove and I like the smaller stature of the Snow Peak fuel canister. My fear however is the blended fuel ratios. Is it safe to use other non-primus canisters with my Primus Stove? I am also curious about the MSR fuel canister. My thinking is that they should be fine, but since I have a few days before I try it out, I figured Id post and get some experienced feedback on the matter.


12:57 p.m. on December 23, 2002 (EST)
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not a problem

You can swap among all the cartridges which use the "industry-standard threaded coupling". This includes Snow Peak (most expensive per ounce of fuel), MSR (both the IsoPro and straight isobutane), Primus, Coleman (but remember that Coleman distributes 4 or 5 different couplings, and the one on their Gaz containers is non-threaded, although it looks about the same size), and Markill. The Markill seems to perform at the lowest temperatures, with MSR's IsoPro next. There is no significant difference in performance in terms of heat output at ambient temperatures above 50 or 60F, but the different mixes drop off in their performance at different rates as you go below freezing (pure butane's vaporization temperature is within a half degree of freezing, isobutane's is about 14F, propane's is something like -47, iirc).

The only stove presently on the market that fits both the threaded (industry standard) and unthreaded (Camping Gaz division of Coleman) fittings is MSR's Superfly. The fitting on the Coleman Maxx series (their "X" stoves) is quite different. The "fitting" on the 100 series of Camping Gaz and the 200 and 206 series is a puncture-type attachment that cannot be removed while the cannister has any fuel left in it without serious consequences. However, I have seen an adapter for the puncture-type cartridges (200, 206, and Asian copies) that allows connection to the industry-standard threaded coupling. It is available from VauDe, the distributor of Markill stoves (in their catalog as "Markill Cartridge Adapter" MSRP of $22).

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