Hagloft vs Karrimor

1:58 p.m. on October 16, 2003 (EDT)

I can't decide whether to get a Haglof victor or the Karrimor Independence. Suggestions or comments are appreciated. Thanks

10:18 p.m. on October 16, 2003 (EDT)
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I got a Karrimor Jaguar for my wife, back before we had our kids and were doing a bit of camping and backpacking. It's the 65+15 model, but probably 8 or so years old, so it looks nothing like any of the current models.

Anyway, that pack has now been almost totally re-commissioned as my large capacity crag pack. Perfect size for winter cragging - plenty of room for a full rack, rope, extra clothes and miscellaneous debris.

The model that I have seems to have an absurd number of accessory straps and similar doohickeys on it. I'm constantly considering cutting some of them off, but it's still nominally my wife's pack, so I never do. In addition, the top lid doesn't float or come off, which puts a strict limit on how much overstuffing it will allow.

Aside from those complaints, however, I only have good things to say about it. The suspension is super comfortable and it has a cute adjust-on-the-move gimmick that actually seems to work. I must admit to questions about how the whole suspension system would stand up to really hard use - it just doesn't look 100% bomber. But so far, in my rather wimpy hands, it shows no signs of trouble.

The packbag itself has been bashed around a fair bit, and has stood up to the abuse well. The fabric is very tough, and even seems to somehow shed dirt. Considering how many times it's been parked in the damp dirt at the base of climbs, it should look way grimier than it actually does.

One note: The pack we have is not at all water resistant and did not come with a rain cover. Looks like the newer models, however, have solved this with an included cover. (In fact, it looks like it may be built in - what does "foldout rain cover" mean? Sounds a little gimmicky...)

Anyway, based on my different and substantially older model, I'd give Karrimor a thumbs up for a good product. Don't know anything about Hagloft, however, so I can't offer a direct comparison.

Let us know what you get and how you like it!

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