Warning about Black Diamond headlamps at Sierra Trading Post!!!!

8:07 a.m. on January 24, 2004 (EST)
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I just received my Black Diamond Moonlight Pro headlamp.

It is not at all as described in the Sierra Trading Post catalog. Headlamp is supposed to have a computer chip that regulates light intensity and put the LED's into strobe mode.

After a quick call to Black Diamond it has been determined that the one STP is selling is the old version without the variable functions and being advertised as the newer model.

No wonder one can buy it thru them for only $22.75

7:28 a.m. on January 25, 2004 (EST)
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update on Sierra Trading Post...........

they have received several calls about the item they are selling as the "Moonlight Pro".

They now know that they are not selling what was described in the advertisement and are very willing to offer refunds.

If you bought one, call 'em up, tell 'em your sending it back and make sure to have them send you a pre-paid UPS shipping label so the return shipping doesn't come out of your pocket and later credited.

10:24 a.m. on January 27, 2004 (EST)

light advice

Ed- How important do you feel the computer chip that regulates light intensity and the strobe mode is for this light. From your note, STP is shipping the old style but I'm wondering if I should just keep it instead of returning, researching and buying elsewhere....PIA
Seems to me that many times, reduced levels of lighting is desirious and I assume, reduces battery consumption.
The strobe being a plus but not a biggie.

My reason for buying the thing in the first place is my LLBean non-LED head light is a battery hog. Seems I need 2 AA's every camping trip...especially in long winters evenings.


10:26 a.m. on January 27, 2004 (EST)

STP Mail ??

By the way, I bought it 1/19 and still haven't seen it in the mail yet....that over a week.

11:07 a.m. on January 27, 2004 (EST)
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I don't think that the variable light intensity is a real big deal. Even when I get the adjustable one (ordered from Campmor $29.95), I do plan to put red tail light tape over the LED's when I am in camp to maintain night vision while in camp.

My beef is solely the fact that STP is selling discontinued merchandise and advertising that merchandise as the latest product.

11:32 a.m. on January 27, 2004 (EST)
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Ed -

I agree that it is annoying that STP lists something in their catalog as other than what it is. But this is not the first time they have made such a mistake. I have found that when you ask pointed questions, the people on the phone generally know what the item really is, even if the catalog writers do not. I always use a voice phone to order from them, or else stop into their Reno store when I get close - the Tahoe/Truckee/Donner area is a pretty short hop from Reno, so when I am at the Sierra Club's Clair Tappaan Lodge, it is pretty convenient.

I have found over the years (probably 15 years of ordering from them) that virtually all their stuff is close-outs and discontinued models (a little bit is overstock of current items). So be aware of what the current models are (from the huge stack of other catalogs I get plus these days, searching the web). If the item does what you want, grab the low price. Man, you could have saved 7 bucks, and the old model is plenty good. I really do not see a great advantage in the variable LED brightness. For backcountry skiing, alpine starts on big climbs, and such, I use a MYO5, which has both a variable-brightness LED and a halogen bulb. The halogen bulb (or substitute the "standard" tungsten bulb) goes through batteries fast, but is needed for night-time skiing. The LEDs are good around camp, for reading, etc, and extend the battery life a whole lot. But I am finding that I only rarely use the adjustability feature. As I said in a previous post, I usually take my Moonlight as a backup for emergency use and use around camp to save the batteries in my MYO5.

So, yeah, it is annoying that they mislabelled the old version. But that is so common with STP that I write it off to ignorance and carelessness, rather than intentional deception. Just keep in mind that almost everything they offer is closeouts or discontinued.

And remember that the majority of Campmor listings are also closeouts and discontinued, although Campmor has a larger proportion of overstocks, plus a small (but growing) amount of their own store brand. And they, too, have a lot of mistaken labelling in their catalog.

Just call on the voice phone and ask pointed questions.

-- Bill

1:01 p.m. on January 27, 2004 (EST)
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Oh, I asked all the right questions

and was given all the right answers. The customer service rep ensured me I was getting what I was expecting.

When I received the wrong headlamp, STP went on to blame Black Diamond for supplying the wrong add copy.

Oh well, it's all snow under the boots now. I'm just hoping to help someone not go through this same ordeal.

Since most of my backpacking activities are done at night, I like the variable light. I only use the max setting when I'm looking for reflective material in the woods. I prefer to hike under low levels of illumination - just enough to avoid tripping over stuff

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