Down jackets?

4:24 a.m. on August 7, 2004 (EDT)


This is my first post,Im an English chap, now married and living in Norway....
For more years than i can recall, i have had a great interest in outdoor gear.
Now im looking to buy,a really good down insulated jacket,I have looked at many over the years,and read many reviews.but up till now, could not justify an expensive purchase.
Now living in wonderful Norway,I am finally drawing up a short list.I live in the south of Norway,which can still be very cold in winter,but am cosidering moving further north? for work?

I am impressed by : Mountain Hardware & Marmot(u.s.) / Mountain Equipment& Rab (from u.k.)and Having discoverd Feathered Friends Jackets,i am very impressed,by the their reviews.

So just thought i would ask you good people for your imput,before i decide!

Am also looking for good wool Thermal Underware.(semi active use)everyday ware in winter.
any help/tips very much appreciated.

kind regards

10:40 a.m. on August 7, 2004 (EDT)
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If you are going to be using this jacket every day and you do not require a "technical" jacket, then perhaps you should check out the Cabela's catelog - they sell warm clothes for people who live in cold climates for rreasonable prices - not high tech, just warm and durable.
Jim (:->)

12:31 p.m. on August 7, 2004 (EDT)
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On the other hand, what do you consider cold? I have a North Face Baltoro (Jim's seen it)which I took to Yosemite last winter-I also have a North Face Nuptse, which is much lighter. The Baltoro is an expedition down jacket designed for high altitude and really cold weather-I have it because I get cold, even in what other people would consider moderately cold weather (20-30F). It isn't cheap-$500 US, but I got mine on eBay for about half that. Mine is 700 fill, if I remember right, with a zip-off down hood and Dryloft shell. The new ones are slightly different-800 fill, different pocket designs and what looks like fur on the hood. There's a Baltoro for sale on eBay right now, but I'm not sure it's the same jacket. Check out the reviews here under Gear Review-there are a bunch of them.

4:56 a.m. on August 8, 2004 (EDT)

Re: Down jackets? .....thanks guys

Hi Tom & Jim,
Thanks very much guys,for the helpful advice,much appreciated.

I will check out the Cabela's catelog,hope they may export?

The weather here in winter ranges from a few degrees above zero down to - 30c,that is a very approximate range,because obviously it depends,where you are,west coast can be relatively mild.. first year i was here 2002,the average temperature here on the south coast was around - 6 but it could be -16 on many days,and the further north and especially in the high mountain areas very low temperatures are to be expected.Norway is about 75% mountains!the winters are long,generally.

and having experienced low temps,i really do need clothes to fit the climate,for wearing on an everyday basis,during winter.

So my friends i will,thank you once again,and hope we can keep in touch.

regards Steve

7:26 a.m. on August 9, 2004 (EDT)

Cabela again

About 5 years ago, I too bought a Cabela 700 fill down jacket. It was only $90. Its strickly a insulative layer with a very thin nylon ripstop shell. Hood is not insulated, just a nylon brimmed thing rolled + velcroed underneath the back collar. Its fine for covering another hat or two, thus preventing cold air down the back. Jacket is very lightweight, pack stuffable and very warm. Its a tall model and generously cut and stuffed full. I wear it over poly undies and sometimes a shell over it but its too big and puffy to fit without it being a bit compressed underneath my goretex shell. If used without a waterproof shell, its no good in snow because it'll saturate quickly. Without the shell, its great for standing around but I need to be VERY careful not to snag the material and rip it which I've already done. So, my advice is to also consider the shell on the down jacket carefully. If you are going to wear it underneath a much larger shell, you can get away with just this a extremely lightweight jacket. If you are bushwacking or working in it, make sure you get one with a heavy duty shell. Nothing worse than seeing the down pins coming out of your jacket because you snagged it on something tame.

11:05 a.m. on August 10, 2004 (EDT)

Re: Cabela nearly convinced?

Hi Stevek,Jim & Tom.
I have spent a lot of time on the "Cabela" site,it really is superb!
And the prices,generally are amazing, and their gear looks very good value for your bucks!or Krone in my case.
The following two jackets look very interesting,especially the gor-tex model.:

Cabela's 650 Down Reversible Parka

Cabela's 650 Goose Down GORE-TEX

10:02 p.m. on August 10, 2004 (EDT)
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P.S. its the big weekend

You might also go to ebay or the gear for sale site here and see if someone has a nice thick dryloft coat for sale.
There are a lot of sites that resell gear on the web.
Jim S (:->)
P.S. Its the big weekend!!! This same weekend every year I go on a backpack trip with a very close friend who happens to be a young lady who only backpacks with me and we leave our spouses at home this one weekend per year. This year we're hiking into the Sierras about 20 miles west of Truckee. There is a nice glaciated area at around 7,000 to 7800' where volcanoes shot up through the glaciers and left thick reddish lava ontop of granite. The glaciers later removed a lot of the red rock leaving an area called "Fire and Ice". Last year we cooked a rabbit, this year shes keeping the entire menu a secret - but I'm hoping for venison or wild boar - she lives in Palo Alto after all...

11:13 a.m. on August 12, 2004 (EDT)

After reading about an unfortunate incident last winter in which a hiker died in New Hampshire's White Mountains when overnight temperatures dropped to minus 40 F, I decided that it was time for me to upgrade to a serious down parka. After looking at all the types you mentioned, I decided on the Feathered Friends Frontpoint Jacket with 800 fill and Epic fabric. It took several weeks for them to build it, but it has arrived and looks to be of excellent quality. Now I can't wait for winter so I can try it out. The two most important things I looked for were warmth for as little weight as possible and good compressibility. This jacket is cut to just below the hips and also has a detachable hood.

I also got a pair of Integral Design Denali pants to keep my legs warm in those frigid temps.

As far as wool long underwear, you can check with Mountain Equipment Co-op, The Sock Company or which all sell merino wool underwear. I have the Smartwool Versa T-shirt and mock T-neck long sleeve shirt and so far have been pleased, the wool doesn't sting like synthetic fibers. Unfortunately, it's hard to find that merino wool garments and then it's also expensive (but worth every penny). Good luck!

11:16 a.m. on August 12, 2004 (EDT)

Ooops, I meant to write that the merino wool doesn't stink like synthetics.

6:57 a.m. on August 13, 2004 (EDT)

Sierra Trading Post also has some Smartwool tops on sale, although sizes and colors are limited.

7:36 a.m. on August 13, 2004 (EDT)

Re: Down jackets? cheers Jim,for all the advice...

Thanks Jim,

Great advice, and very much appreciated....Must admit i am very impressed with the frontpoint jacket, both from what i have heard from your goodself, and others....I am only holding back,because of the cost, not just the jacket, but the 37.5% duty and tax,i will have to pay!!I checked it out with the customs here.
Also have had some enthusiastic support for the "Cabela`s down jkts.And as im not looking for a techinical jkt, thought there 99 bucks gor-tex maybe a comprimise, i know you usually get what you pay for,and i suspect the F,F, Front-Point,is far superior in most regards.

we will have to wait and see?
Re-the thermal underware,i have looked at smartwool,and a brand from new zealand called iceberg! which looks and sounds very good, but will probably buy that in europe?

I will also check out the Integral designs toucers, as i will be needing some good insulated troucers.

so for the moment my friend, i will wish you all the very best..

regrds Steve

11:13 a.m. on August 13, 2004 (EDT)
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Also try lands end. I think the web site is

Anyway, they have decent prices and may have some on clearance - check the specials area on their web site. Quality will be on par with cabelas and ll bean.

7:02 p.m. on August 17, 2004 (EDT)
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Check with ID

Integral does some good down stuff that you can get without the customs (just the GST). Of course, you can do the reverse of what we old folks do - going to Canada to get prescriptions filled. Just head south of the border to get your jacket, wear it a few days, then tell the Mounties it's a used jacket (which it is by that point). My recollection from my friends in Calgary is that it's ok to bring back one or two items of personal goods that have been used. I think your mistake in talking to the customs folks was probably telling them too much about "I'm going to import this fancy, expensive jacket." It may have given the impression that you were going into the importing business or otherwise competing with Canadian industry, instead of getting something for purely personal use. Then again, if you plan to play importer, you better be upfront and pay the duties.

7:07 p.m. on August 17, 2004 (EDT)
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misread -

Somehow I got the impression you were in Canada (your comments about Integral, I guess). Norway is a different game. But I think my friend Bo told me last week that bringing back personal items that had been used was ok. But he has some Norsk gear that is quite good and apparently isn't too expensive (his tents are expensive, though, but that's his line of business). I don't remember the brand names, since I wasn't planning on buying any - just bringing my own stuff when I go visit him.

6:23 a.m. on August 18, 2004 (EDT)

Re: misread -No Problem Bill...

Hi Bill,
Dont worry about the slight misunderstanding,You were only trying to be helpful.I wish i did liv on the border i would definately go over,and buy some gear,

Problem is im interested in certain gear, that is not available in Norway,especially the Feathered Friends Stuff, e.t.c.

in the end i will probably have to get alternative gear locally here in Norway.

Or bite the bullet and pay the import taxes and heavy shipping costs?

It was just an idear,and i thought i would investigate the options.

but thanks Bill,

Regards Steve

2:47 p.m. on August 22, 2004 (EDT)

a.k.a. Connie Dodson
Re: misread -No Problem Bill...

The warmest down fingertip length jacket I have ever worn is the Eddie Bauer Kara Koram, I never found anyplace cold enough to wear it !

If I ever needed a really warm down jacket again, that would be my choice, if it is still made, plus a wolverine fur ruff.

My present down jacket is Mont Bell Alpine Down Jacket and we are very happy together. I also have the Mont Bell U.L. down jacket liner, which is longer.

I like these last two, because they are less confining.

Since you are on the other side of the pond, you might want to look at my special interest website: Products.

I have links for excellent products I have found "over there".


2:54 p.m. on August 22, 2004 (EDT)

Re: Cabela nearly convinced?

I posted up under misread ..because I didn't know how to post. You might have a look at some of those links, although I wasn't specially listing down jackets. They're great specialty shops.

1:53 a.m. on August 23, 2004 (EDT)

Re: misread -No Problem Bill... thanks Connie..

Hi Connie,
Many thanks for your help, i will check out the lead you gave me.
You are correct,i am thinking it`s maybe a bit impracticle to buy stuff from over there. due to the high import costs/shipping,e.t.c.
but we will have to see,
I have looked at many! down jackets up to now and discovered many i had not heard of before.including the ones you are so happy with.

anyway all the very best,for now.

regards Steve

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