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7:46 p.m. on September 21, 2004 (EDT)
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OK Ian, Consider the can of worms opened...
I did just pull up my spread sheet for deep Winter and changed a few numbers and things and I come up with a base weight of 25 pounds and assumes that I am traveling on skis with another person. My list includes:
2 pound down insulated goretex shelled bibs.
1/2 Bibler El Dorado tent and vestibule.
1/2 coleman xtreme stove and one bottle of fuel per person.
deep Winter coat 39 oz.
booties 23 oz
Marmot pinnacle S. bag 36oz - may become Wm Kodiak at54 oz.
Down Filled Airmattress
Z rester for extra insulation protection and for chair.
Fleece jacket.
long underwear.
warm gloves.
Real shovel.
Insulated canteen.
Wide ski skins.
one pan each and insulated coffee cups.
Paclite jacket and pants.
Spare socks, hat and spare gloves and a whole lot of misc stuff.

Add in the Kodiak bag in place of the Pinnacle - another pound - 26 base- and I have used this gar at 5 below and 50 mph winds with no problems.

Jim S

11:49 a.m. on September 24, 2004 (EDT)

a.k.a. Ian

Yeap, you sure openned up a big can of worms, :-), here are my list and also some of the things that I do to cut down weight:

1. Tent: Bibler-I or Garuda Atman (they both weight about the same, except the Atman has a built in vestibule)

2. Bag: WM Antelope or WM UltraLite with silk liner

3. Pad: PROLITE 4 Regular. I also placed my pack underneath my back for additional warmth if necessary

4. Sit pad: I used a small piece of foam pad

5. Stove: MSR Simmerlite and fuel bottle

6. Cooking pot: I only bring one Titanium pot for boiling water and melting snow

7. Shell: Arc'teryx waterproof Soft-Shells (top and bottom). *I always wear these though, they're hardly inside my pack. **After putting my soft shells through many tests in winter, I decided not to carry Gore-tex jacket and pant. This helps me save quite a lot of weight and space.

8. Baselayers: 1 set of REI Powerstretch *again, I always wear these on me

9. Gloves: 1 pair of OR WindStopper, 1 pair of BD Waterproof ski gloves

10. Down Jacket: WM down jacket * I also wear my down jacket backward inside my sleeping bag to add more warmth, this way, with a combination of my silk liner, I can bring a lighter and warmer sleeping bag such as WM UltraLite. *I stopped bringing my fleece jacket and pants since the combination of Powerstretch and Softshell always keep me warm and dried. Since soft-shell does not insulate well, I always put it on whenever I stop for break or lunch.

11. Headlight: Petzl Tikka or Princeton Tech Yukon HL

12. Waterfilter: PUR Hiker

13. Snowshovel: from Ortovox

14. Food: Freeze dried. *I also got rid of the packaging and put the food inside a Freezer-type Ziplock so I can save space and some weight.

15. Skis /poles, skins or snowshoes: Of course these are excluded from my pack weight because I mostly have them on.

Those are most of the things that I put inside my Osprey Ceres 50 for my 2 days trip. BTW, you can check out one of the pic. that we took last winter in Yosemite

Im' the one on the right.


8:22 p.m. on September 29, 2004 (EDT)
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Been waiting till I had time to look this stuff over.
Our tents are nearly identical - mine is an Eldorado.
I believe in warm sleeping bags and would be carrying a Marmot Pinnacle 2.5 lbs.
I also carry a 27 oz Warmlight Down Air Mat.
My stove is about like yours - same weight - only I use a coleman Xtreme becvause its better for cooking in the tent with compressed gas.
I too bring one Ti pot per person
I don't have any soft shells. I ski in a packlite suit over long underwear. If I need a jacket I have a fleece jacket with pit zips.
I carry warmer gloves than you do.
I carry booties.
I also carry my climbing skins in my pack so I have to add a pound for that.
I DO not carry a water filter - don't want to freeze the filter element - saves 3/4 pound.
My shovel, had light, etc are pretty muchlike yours.
I always carry a balaclava in the Winter.
As fas as down jacket, etc. In early season I carry an old REI 25 ounce down coat that goes under my paclite jacket, and a pair of old TNF down pants that goe under the paclite pants. Later in the real cold I carry goose down goretex bibs and a 39 ounce Marmot winter coat with huge hood.
Food - I eat real food man. No freeze dried in the winter sorry.
Jim S (;->)

April 19, 2018
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