Blue Christmas without my boots

12:05 p.m. on December 7, 2004 (EST)

I recently posted my review of the Asolo AFX 530 hiking boots, which despite my care fell apart in my closet. I did in fact return these boots to the company (December 2ND) with a polite letter stating that I would like to give them a second chance if they would make me a reasonable offer. Their representative explained that the company had changed ownership and more or less confirmed my belief that they were using inferior materials up to (at least) 1999. I was offered a wholesale price on a pair of 520s. So lets do the math, I brought the original boots for $140. plus tax and used them less than a dozen times.

The new boots would cost me about $135. including taxes and shipping. That toto comes out to $275. So once again I, the customer, would be giving them a second chance after getting ripped off on my first purchase from their company. Quiet frankly I was expecting 50 percent off which would have been fair. My answer was

May 27, 2018
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