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4:04 a.m. on January 11, 2005 (EST)

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My wife decided that this is to be our next backpacking trip. I know very little about the Superior Hiking Trail, but what I have been able to gleen from the internet has told me of a trail that is broken up into many short segments. She is the type that would prefer to have a nice shower every two days. I imagin that the trail runs a strait line up the shore of lake Superior, and will not produce any nice loops, I really do not like hiking back over the same trail. I packed a section of the AT in Georgia, and I did not like all the road crossings and access points for day hikers. We live in Iowa, I do not want to drive more than 12hrs, and I would like to take the trip in the summer, so a nice forrest, well north, is my ideal trip location. (I really want to take the canoe up to the Boundry waters.) If anyone can help me by giving me a good description of the trail, nice sections to concider, maybe a photo or two, I really need good info about what to expect. I think that I would prefer a lager park to backpack in, last summer I took her to the Pocupine Mts, where you can make a loop to find yourself close to where you parked the car, but still enjoy packing through wilderness. -thanks- john

10:30 a.m. on January 12, 2005 (EST)
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I've hiked several sections - Split Rock lighthouse State park; Beaver Bay to Tettegouche State Park; Carlton Peak and Oberg Mountain. All were very nice. The area is not as remote as the Porkies since it is a linear trail that parallels highway 61. It is however very scenic. From the tops of overlooks you get wonderful views. It is a different trip (I would say easier) than the porkies, since you are much closer to civilization, but it is very rewarding. I think you will enjoy it.

There is a shuttle service that will drop you off and you can hike back to your car which may be an option you enjoy. You can also do daytrips and stay in local lodging to keep the misses happy. Here's the link to the site that maintains the trail

10:10 p.m. on January 14, 2005 (EST)

SHT is a nice trail but the traffic noise from the hwy is never too far away. Also check on your water sources. And Oh... 4 yrs ago, we saw a mama bear and her 2 clubs about 20 feet away as we turned a blind corner. Our jaws just dropped as they ran away. We did bring our bear spray. We parked our car at our exit point and took the shuttle to the trailhead.
Enjoy your trip :-)

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