A hiker from Europe in need of advice

7:49 a.m. on January 28, 2005 (EST)


I have been planning a walking trip to Peru this summer.

After some search on the internet, I found this company called ECS Travel . They are quite responsive and have answered all my questions.

Now I need to send them a deposit to secure two spaces in June for me and my wife. I am getting a cold feet since I only met this company through the internet.

Has anyone here used this company before? If so, would you please let me know if this company is legit? Will they take my deposit and simply disappear?

Thank you in advance.

12:21 p.m. on February 4, 2005 (EST)
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I don't know the company, but you are doing the right thing in posting. I would suggest also posting on mtncommunity.org and some other sites.

Try a Google and some other searches for their name. Where are they based? If it is based in the US, Canada, western Europe, you can check with the Better Business Bureau (other names for this organization in Europe) to see if complaints have been filed - easy to do from their local websites. You should also be able to get a bit of history on the company - how long they have been in business, that sort of thing. Ask the company for references from previous clients.

Google comes up with a lot of references. ECS own website says they are based in Lima, so they are local to Peru. They include a lot of testimonials from a number of countries. It might be possible to track some of these people down. I noticed that they did include a couple that included negative comments (like the one from the overweight guy who suffered from the altitude, the strenuous hiking, and local food - a problem for lots of people when they go to 3rd World countries). My take on the little look I took is that they are probably legit.

What is giving you doubts? Something they said? Request for deposit (standard practice for tour guides, actually)?

When you do send your deposit, do it with a credit card. This gives you at least a bit of recourse if the company proves to be non-legit.

7:05 a.m. on March 18, 2005 (EST)
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Dear Joe,

There are a couple of sites on the internet where you can look up customer reviews about a company. The largest such site I am aware of is Eopinions(www.eopinions.com). They have consumer reviews for all kinds of products,including travel.

Another site that provides extensive coverage on tour operators is InfoHub (www.infohub.com). I just found that ESC Travel is listed there:


Hope this helps.


May 24, 2018
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