need suggestion on how to easily tie things to trees, etc

10:44 a.m. on January 31, 2005 (EST)
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due to some youthfull devilshness one evening after a fraternity party 20 years ago, I ended up crushing my left hand with an iron storm grate, resulting in minimal use of three fingers.

This has been problematic every time I go camping and have to tie off something. This problem became even more frustrating two weeks ago when I was caught in a thunderstorm and had to quickly try to hang a tarp.

I really and truly suck at knots and ended up getting partially soaked.

Is there any kind of simple clip available that would securely tie a rope around a tree trunk or limb?

I have used bunji cords in the past, but they are heavy.

I usually end up wrapping the rope around the trunk about a dozen times before my granny knot holds.

I need something that is light, secure and quick to use.

and another thing....I highly recommend silk long underwear!

8:46 p.m. on January 31, 2005 (EST)
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Ed, I have seen a plate that might work for you-it looks like a flat piece of aluminum about two inches long and a half inch wide. At one end is a hole you thread the rope through and tie off with an overhand knot. At the other end is a hole with one side open ("c" shaped) so you can slide the rope into it. You run the rope around the tree, hook the plate on the rope, slide it down to tension it and when the plate tilts back from the tension, it locks into place. It also works with just two holes if you thread the rope through the first hole, run it around the tree and then through the second hole then tie the end knot. It may not work with triptease or anything slick like that and of course the size of the holes would depend on the diameter of the rope you use.

5:55 a.m. on February 1, 2005 (EST)
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Thanks Tom. Any idea what its' product name is? n/m


7:44 p.m. on February 1, 2005 (EST)
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Re: Thanks Tom. Any idea what its' product name is? n/m

Ed, Sorry, not a clue. I tried looking on the net for rope clips and came up with nothing except wire rope clips which aren't the same thing. You may have to make them. I tried using the pull top off a soda can, but I think the holes are too close together. I think I've seen these on tent guys, but no idea when. Have you tried calling Campmor, REI or someplace like that? Maybe if you get the right person, they will know what you're talking about. Another idea-if you are using light line, why not use the toggles that come on jackets or stuff sacks? They use two lines through them and have a push button release. I'm pretty sure you can get them at REI. With these you would make a small fixed loop at one end and then thread the other end of the line through the toggle both ways to make a loop at that end Loop the line around the tree, then put the toggle end through the end loop which tightens around the tree, then loop the toggle end around the stake or whatever and tighten the line. If need be, you could run the end through a loop (like on a tent fly), then into the toggle for the second pass, then tighten. Easier to do than describe.

5:41 a.m. on February 2, 2005 (EST)
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I'm pretty sure your refering to guy line slides and barrel locks

I have many of those somewhere in my "car camping" storage box in the attic (actually it's misc. camping junk that I am reluctant to toss out).

What the heck, can't hurt to try 'em out once again.

The rope I use is purchased at Walmart (or such) for about $2.00 and comes in 50' lengths coiled on a plastic "spool".

11:05 p.m. on February 2, 2005 (EST)
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Re: I'm pretty sure your refering to guy line slides and barrel locks

Sounds about right Ed, I pulled a lock off of an MSR stuff sack my water filter came in and tried it out on some line I got at REI. Seemed to work pretty well. I've no doubt someone has invented a better one, but I haven't seen it yet. Maybe there is a mini-jumar out there somewhere that would do the same thing.

7:15 p.m. on February 3, 2005 (EST)
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Ed, After giving this some more thought, I think you could tie a clove hitch with one hand or a hand and a half. This is a very simple knot that won't slip and takes about 5 seconds to tie at the most. I'm sure you can find an illustration on the net somewhere but I'll try to describe it. Lay the line over your left hand with your palm up and index finger sticking out,like you were making a gun with your finger; wrap the line around the tree, then cross it over itself between your index and second finger with the end in your right hand. This makes an X with your index finger under the X at a right angle to the rope. Run the end around the tree a second time, then run the end between the X and the tree alongside the first loop and pull tight. Believe me, it's much easier than it sounds. You can then fiddle with it to tighten it up. A quick overhand around the main part of the rope with the end will keep it from untightening if it tensions and then untensions from wind or something like that.

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