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9:49 p.m. on August 15, 2005 (EDT)
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I'm going on my first overnight hike what are the essentials I need to bring. What items do I need to buy and what is it going to cost. Keep in mind I have never been on a hike so i have nothing to my name that involves hiking what do I need.

9:59 p.m. on August 15, 2005 (EDT)
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also what should i wear.

1:42 a.m. on August 16, 2005 (EDT)
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Your questions are too vague to get a meaningful answer. The first thing you need to do is go to a bookstore or library and get several books on camping and hiking and read them cover to cover. There is even a "Camping for Dummies" book, as good a place to start as any. The Complete Walker and Backpacking One Step At A Time are also very good. You can find a lot of hiking websites with gear lists, gear reviews etc., but unless you have some general knowledge to begin with, most of what you read won't mean much. Some clubs, like the Sierra Club offer classes, also a good way to start.

4:07 p.m. on August 16, 2005 (EDT)
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Craig, don't worry about studying for a first night backpacking exam test just yet. For your first time just make sure that you obtain the basics first and if you really enjoy yourself go buy some books because they are very helpful.
Essentials for a first time hike:

1-two or three man tent
2-any sleeping bag that you can fit in or on your backpack with some room left for the rest of your gear/a lightweight blue foam sleep pad(good enough for your first time)
3-a lightweight poncho
4-a lightweight cooking stove with gas/a pan to cook on with removable handle/
5-sierra cup to eat and drink out of
6-a lightweight headlamp with backup batteries
7-purification tablets for cleaning your drinking water with a little powdered gatorade to mask the chlorine taste
8-waterproof matches
9-cotton balls soaked in vaseline to use as a fire starter
10-toilet paper
11-small first kit/with moleskin for any blisters!
12-as far as clothing goes...i suggest a tee-shirts, fleece, polyester socks, and lightweight workout pants for your first time. Good hiking pants and shirts are a bit pricy so unless your richy rich I would wait for your next trip before investing in the good stuff
13-food preferences vary...a prefer the freeze-dried stuff that you just add boiling water to because it tasted pretty good and it's easy, but if you bring something else just make sure that you don't have to cook it very long. Also make sure that you take all your food out of the boxes and put them into ziplocs
14-a pocket knife

I think this will help you get a good start...if you think of anything else just remember that the lighter the pack the more fun you will have hiking. Talk to the ones you are going with and try not to duplicate any of the equipment such as a tent or stove..share..share...share....
Have Fun!!!!!

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