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10:30 p.m. on July 16, 2006 (EDT)
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Hi, I am wondering about the fuel containers for MSR stoves. I know the white gas bottles (EKG EX) are re-fillable but I am wondering about the canister type bottle (WindPro), is that re-fillable as well? Thanks in advance!

P.S. I am considering the EKG EX and WindPro and any reviews or thoughts/suggestions would be great. Email me.

11:44 p.m. on July 16, 2006 (EDT)
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Butane mix canisters are NOT refillable. You might be thinking of propane stoves, for which certain of the canisters are refillable at licensed refill stations. But the propane cylinders are too heavy for backpacking.

The XGK is the workhorse expedition stove, now in its hundredth incarnation. Well, not that many. The Expedition version that came out about a year ago (major change being shape of the burner section) is not really much different from the XGK that I first bought in 1974, or the XGK-II that MSR replaced the original for me in 1993 and still use for serious backcountry and expedition use. I have burned white gas, Coleman fuel (which is naptha, not the same as white gas, but is what you normally would buy), auto gas (leaded in the old days, but clogs the burner fast, and the current unleaded - fumes are poisonous for both, so you need plenty of ventilation), avgas, kerosene, auto diesel, JP4 (jet fuel, drained from a Huey we were using on a S&R operation), and mineral spirits. MSR pretty strongly says not to use alcohol (or alcohol sold as marine stove fuel), but I know some people who have (disclaimer - just because I may have done some of this, do not try anything except the fuels specifically recommended by the stove manufacturer).

The Windpro is the compressed gas version of the Simmerlite, which is a liquid fuel stove. I have a Simmerlite which I like a lot for ordinary backpacking, although I use my Superfly as one of my main compressed gas stoves. The Pocket Rocket is another MSR compressed gas stove that is light, compact, and puts out lots of heat.

MSR is not the only high quality stove company. I also use a Primus MFS, which burns all the liquid fuels the XGK does, plus compressed gas from canisters. Like the Windpro, it takes the industry standard threaded coupling found on many brands of canisters. The Primus Omnifuel is very similar to the MFS, but simmers better. There is a liquid fuel only version of the MFS as well. Primus also has a number of screw-on burner tops that range from compact and very light to larger with higher heat output. Other compact burner tops are made by Markill (one is the smallest lightest one I have seen and used by far), Snowpeak, JetBoil, and a couple others. Snowpeak's stoves and canisters are on the pricey end (their small canister is by far the most expensive per ounce of fuel of anything widely available - MSR, Markill, Jetboil, and Primus canisters will fit the Snowpeak stove tops, as will a number of Slovenian-made and SEAsian-made canisters that are far cheaper per ounce of fuel than the Snowpeak, as are even the MSR and Markill cold weather butane/isobutane/propane mixes).

For liquid fuels, Brunton imports Optimus stoves, which are quite good, although some people report they are finicky.

Click on the "Gear Reviews" at the top of this page to find reviews of all sorts of stoves.

8:07 p.m. on July 17, 2006 (EDT)
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Thanks Bill!

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