Unknown Spider Bite

11:34 p.m. on July 30, 2009 (EDT)
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Please email me at ariesgrl0415@aol.com if you can tell what kind of bite it is.

Can someone please identify what kind of bite this is?

11:58 p.m. on July 30, 2009 (EDT)
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I'm no expert on spider bites, but I'm going to guess that there's no way to tell on the basis of your photos alone. I've had plenty of spider bites that itch and/or hurt, but caused no additional trouble. If you see any signs of tissue necrosis or if you feel actively ill in any way beyond topical discomfort, however, I'd recommend you seek treatment.

12:01 a.m. on July 31, 2009 (EDT)
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Are you sure it was a spider? Tick bites are sometimes similar in appearance. Watch for an outer "bulls Eye" ring to form.

Regardless of the species, seek a medical professional's opinion. Spider bites if left untreated can cause problems for many years down the road.

12:56 p.m. on July 31, 2009 (EDT)
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If you'd like a bit of a more educated guess from us, you might tell us the area of the country you're located, and the specific conditions (ecosystem) you recieved the bite in. Also, did you feel it when it bit you, or did you just notice the welt afterwards?

May 23, 2018
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